Voodoo Bar
When I call Voodoo Bar an Angeles icon I do so knowing full well all of the implications attached to such a statement. The simple fact is Voodoo has been in existence for many years, has a strong marketable image, is designed to appeal to customers who appreciate the old style Angeles bar and has been visited and enjoyed by literally thousands of people from all corners of the globe. This is why I call Voodoo an Angeles icon.

Voodoo is a small bar which incorporates an old style appeal with some more modern features. Voodoo is in a central location being inside the Kokomos building (Corner of A. Santos street and Fields Avenue)


Address: Kokomos Building, Field Ave, Angeles City

Opening hours: 1pm - 10pm

Local Drinks85pLadies Drinks150p
Double Ladies Drinks250pImported Drinks160p-250p
Customer Shooter100p-200pLadies Drink Shooter75p
Ping-Pong Balls400pRegular Bell Ring3,500p
Diamond Bell Ring7,500pEarly Work Release2000p

Prices Updated On: 2017-02-22

Voodoo Bar also offers Asian Escapades members a 10%
discount of off your drinks and ladies drinks.

There are usually 3 or 4 vocal door-girls standing on the street calling customers to come inside the bar. Once inside the bar the customer’s eyes are naturally drawn to the stage which dominates the bar and is close to the front door street entrance. The lighting is basic and there are numerous touchy feely corners for customers to enjoy a more intimate moment with the girl of their choice. The stage runs through the middle of the bar and on both sides of the stage are bar stools which means that customers can be close to the girls on both sides of the bar. Behind the bar stools is a thoroughfare and then against the walls are a series of red couches.
Corner seating

The stage

Voodoo Logo

The wetbar

The roof is low and painted black with green florescent bell ring messages, and the music is primarily played for the customers as opposed to being played for the girls. Customers are close to the girls no matter where they sit in the bar, there is an emphasis on customer friendly service and a large managers table where tall stories are told and copious amounts of drinks are served and consumed.

The wet bar area is small yet fully stocked and the waitresses on the whole are extremely well trained and knowledgeable in regards to stock availability and pricing. The bar places an emphasis on hard drinking and partying as much as it does on girls going bar fine. The bar has a strongly marketed image and is renowned for supplying girls who know how to please their customers. Voodoo is one of the few bars that are open 24/7. The dancer uniforms are basic being normally composed of simple black dresses, the girls do their own makeup and are allowed to wear whatever shoes they like as long as it is a high heel. Voodoo epitomizes the back to basics approach and a time honored approach to the bar business and as such represents the ‘old school’ Angeles Bar.

Inside Voodoo reminds me of the bars of yesteryear. The stage is smack bang in the middle of the bar and customers sit around the stage which brings them into inevitable contact with the girls. The bar is dimly lit with overhead lights pointing downwards on the customer bar area as opposed to pointing at the stage and the dancers. The stage dominates the bar and no matter where you choose to sit you are close to the girls. This is not a flashy bar with bright lights and wiz bang gizmos but rather a sort of back to basics grungy bar with a loyal clientele who have been patronizing it for years and will no doubt continue to do so long into the future. Some bars function on a large operational budget and these bars are maintained to an immaculate level and incur significant operational costs. Conversely Voodoo is run on the proverbial shoe string with little overheads and as such represents the old style Angeles Bars.

Running along the front and side walls are the famous red voodoo couches which have been the scene of many interesting encounters. When I am in this bar I personally like to sit in the couches because even though you are further away from the girls you have a better view of the entire stage and the corners are dimly lit so you can play a little bit with the girl of your choice.

There is not normally a lot of dancers on the Voodoo stage but those that are there are renowned for their friendly attitudes and willingness to please and the good thing about this bar is that as a customer you are always within close proximity to them.

One important aspect of Voodoo is the large managers table. This has been the scene of many a tall tale and many a hard drinking session. Veterans of the Angeles bar scene tend to gravitate towards this table and when sitting here the girls tend to take second place even though the table is close to the stage.

Voodoo is a great fun little bar with a long history and a dedicated clientele that seem to keep on coming back to the bar year after year. This little bar is definitely ‘old school’ with an emphasis on heavy drinking, rock and roll music, fun loving and good performing girls, food service from Kokomos a central location right in the very middle of the Fields go-go bar strip and an emphasis on foreign and Filipino managers who ensure good customer service and will always be there to entertain and advise. In my personal experience I find the best time to visit Voodoo is after 3 AM as many other bars are closing and there is always a steady crowd of late night drinkers and party goers. During this time the atmosphere in here is electric as the girls and the guys party until the until the sun comes up and sometimes well into the daylight hours. Of course no bar is for everyone and for those of you who visit a bar solely in the search of new girls then Voodoo is probably not for you. The same could be said for people who are looking for a big bar which is immaculately maintained and everything is sparkling clean and new. Voodoo is far from this and in fact is sometimes described as "seedy" or "grungy" but whilst this may turn some customers off it is also partly what attracts so many. This bar is indeed old school and for those of you who are into that then there is no better place to visit.

Voodoo is certainly a nice bar to visit and yes they do honor the Asian Escapades 10% discount off your drink and/or food bill.

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