Rhapsody is an interesting little bar in that it is somewhat unique amongst Angeles bars. Originally this bar was Panama Jacks and owned by the same people who own La Bamba then after a comparatively short period of time (in bar terms at least) Panama Jacks was closed and remerged as Rhapsody.

Rhapsody is an interesting bar in terms of the Angeles bar scene it is somewhat unique and its original design resembled more of a Makati style bar than an Angeles bar. For example in its original design it was a small bar with a very small dance stage situated at the back of the club and a large dance floor that was utilized by the girls doing solo dances.


Address: Cnr. A.Santos Street and Fields Avenue

Operating hours: 6pm - 3am

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Local Drinks105p
Ladies Drinks n/ap
Double Ladies Drinks300p
Imported Drinks125p-175p
Bell Ring 3,500p
Ping Pong Balls300p
Early Work Release2400p

Prices Updated On: 2016-06-10

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This was different from the majority of Angeles bars where the stage was the dominant fixture in the bar. In Rhapsody they place only a small amount of girls on the stage whereas in the normal Angeles bar the rule of thumb is the more girls the merrier.

The emphasis on the dance floor rather than the stage was very Makati style and actually served to encourage greater interaction between the girls and the customers. Another advantage of this set up was that it removed the feeling of the girls being on display which creates a sort of division between the customers and the girls almost like an ‘us and them’ mentality.
One of the stages

Seating around dancefloor

One of the Stage

The dancefloor

This dance floor is a unique idea to Angeles and is enjoyed by both customers and girls.
The seating in Rhapsody is predominantly lounge chairs placed along each wall except for the bar stools that could be found next to the wet bar. The furniture is covered in red imitation velvet material and the lighting is subdued especially in some of the corners which allows for more intimate moments between the girls and the customers. Another thing which is very Makati is they have a set music playlist and there is no DJ. Lastly just like Makati there is an emphasis placed on ladies drinks however here there is no pressure as there is in Makati and it is strictly soft sell as is more befitting the Angeles bar environment.

Rhapsody has been in operation nine years now and over those nine years it hasn’t changed much except for the inclusion of a small raised dance stage running down the center of the bar. This dance stage is now a dominant feature of the bar and represents a definite adjustment to Angeles bar style. Normally the stage will hold up to fifteen girls at any one time and there is a series of bar stools running along the edge of the stage. Behind the bar stools are the lounge seats which means that no matter where you are sitting in this bar you are close to the girls.

One thing I like about this bar is the lighting. The lighting here is carefully thought out and there is only a minimal number of spot lights on the girls and instead they rely on soft running lights and rope lights. This means the bar looks lively and colorful yet at the same time there are areas of subdued lighting for the customers that prefer this.

The overall feel of the bar is almost like a cross between a girlie bar and a cocktail lounge. The music is soft all there is a lot of social interaction between the girls and the customers. In another concession to the Angles market the girls here wear bikinis and trust me when I say there are several hot sorts in here who would look good in just about anything. Although small and containing attributes of old school Angeles bar scene it is also a very modern bar and well maintained.

The bar is spotlessly clean and the furniture has been maintained to a high standard. I inspected the bar fairly carefully but I couldn’t find a cracked floor tile a dirty mirror or a mark on the roof. This bar is well maintained and extremely functional.

Last but not least I think it is important to note that this bar attracts the sort of customers who have generally speaking been around the scene for a while and prefer a more soft subdued approach as opposed to the raging party environment.

Indeed when I was sitting inside gathering information for this report, I saw a steady flow of customers whom I have known for years and Hollywood the manager assured me that approximately 70 % of their business comes from regular customers who have known and enjoyed the bar for an extended period of time and have made it a regular stopping point in their bar hopping itinerary.

Rhapsody is a nice little bar with a pleasant atmosphere It has a loyal and dedicated customer base and in terms of its atmosphere in many ways it stands out as friendly no hassle bar, yet modern and professionally run. Rhapsody management adopts an old school approach and they are very aware of the price sensitive nature of the Angeles market as such this bar actively takes part in less expensive promotions such as the Dog-House and Wow Wednesday and their prices are in line, or less than, other major bars on Fields Avenue. Lastly the girls are nicely presented and photo friendly whilst the waitresses are well trained and have no problem bringing you the correct drink in a minimum amount of time.

Rhapsody bar plays host to several functions including, Dog House, WOW Wednesday, Official bar of Malaysian Hash House Harriers, Angeles Hash House Harriers and Angeles city business man’s luncheon.

The bar can hold up to 65 customers but is most comfortable with a maximum of 40 customers.

Rhapsody is a fun little bar with a nice cozy relaxed atmosphere, some pretty girls, realistic prices and best of all it offers a 20% discount off your total bill to all Asian Escapades members.

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