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I remember QBar when it was Shark Bar owned by Koreans and mainly marketed towards Koreans. I went in Shark bar several times but each time was not particularly impressed with the lineup, and what few atrractive ones there were, seemed to be Korean orientated. As a result I was a little hesitant to go into QBar and this was a big mistake on my behalf, because once there I found myself enjoying the bar and I was impressed with the lineup of girls. In fact I was so impressed that when I went in there with AE member Rubio Tonto we both decided to keep this bar as a little secret so as to eliminate competition until we had, had our fair share. QBar lineup was impressive and there are quite a few taller girls working here.


1035 Fields Avenue Balibago Angeles Philippines.

Trading Hours: 4pm - 4am

10% Asian Escapades Discount on all Drinks

Local Drinks120pLadies Drinks160p
Double Ladies Drinks300pImported Drinks185p
Bell Ring For Staff750pBell For Dancers On Stage150p
Ping Pong Balls400pT-shirts 500p-550p
Bar Cooler150pBar Towel200p
Bar Caps400pEarly Work Release2400p

Prices Updated On: 2015-03-17

Q Bar also offers Asian Escapades members a 10%
discount of off your drinks and ladies drinks.

Normally when I consider old sayings I realize there is a reason they came into being in the first place and this is certainly the case with QBar. The old saying don't judge a book by it's cover was certainly applicable here because this bar has many more attractions than the outside surface would imply.

I have always been a believer in the old philosophy that the primary attraction of any bar is the girls and in this respect QBar does not disappoint. There are some seriously attractive girls in QBar, they are well presented, the uniforms are revealing and on the whole seem very friendly.
Round Table Seating


Wet Bar

More girls on stage

Q bar is in many ways a traditional sort of bar and in other ways part of the new school Angeles bar. It is traditional because it has a manageable amount of girls and comprises 2 shifts of dancers dancing half hour shifts, there is an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, (with the bar employing approximately 50 dancers), and the uniforms are scanty and skin tight revealing and hiding just enough to tantalize. The stage is compartively small and set against one wall and the seating works on three levels. There is the bar stools right before the stage, the tables (4 tables in the middle of the bar and four more attached to the walls around the sides of the club) in the middle of the bar provide a little distance from the stage yet are still close enough to enable eye contact between the girls and customers and the small secluded lounges situated in a discreet dimly lit corner. These for want of a better term are what I call the touchy feely corner.

One of the secrets of QBar is it's location combined with their effective door girls. As anybody knows a bars location is a very influential factor in determining a bars success. Qbar is situated at the top end of Fields Avenue and opposite the big bar Dollhouse so it gets good foot traffic and also a number of visitors who come out of DollHouse and drop by QBar right accross the road.

The advantages of the location are complimented by the attractive and assertive door girls who are always keen to pull you into the bar for a drink or two.

I have read complaints regarding the music but to me it seemed perfectly okay and not to loud. They do play a little bit to much rap and hip hop style sort of music for my liking but I am willing to overlook that simply because the girls seem to like it and dance well to it.

Any bar can have it's off nights where no matter what you do for some reason the girls are not interested in dancing but on the whole I find the girls at QBar quite enetertaining and always willing to dance and entertain customers.

Qbar has a well stocked wet bar area and the bar tenders are actually quite well trained, as far as Filipino bar tenders go, and can mix up a good cocktail or shooter. The bar is well stocked with all your basic liquors and the prices are much in line with other bars along Fields.

QBar has many of the marketing and merchandising approach as that of other bars. The ping pong balls are 400 piso a bucket and they have two bell rings one for the dancers which when rung buys a 150 piso ladies drink for all dancers on stage and a bell for the bar staff which when rung buys all the bar staff a drink for a grand total of 750 piso, plus they have the QBar Tshirts.

QBar is one of my favorites because it is a decent size (maximum seating capacity would be approximately 60 people), the prices are realistic, the owners seem like really nice guys and are quick to buy AE members a drink or two and share a yarn but most importantly the girls in QBar are generally speaking very attractive and whilst some may be a little photo shy I am sure that is just a matter of time.

When doing this review I chatted with Steve one of the owners and fellow Kiwi and he wished to emphasize that AE members are valued patrons at QBar and they have initiated the 10% AE discount off your drink bill in respect to that. They also run a number of other promo's and when these are on the AE discount is not applicable. I also asked Steve what in his opinion is the marketing edge his bar has and he replied QBar is basically a party bar, it is not a laid back environment where people come to drink and have a quiet chat but rather it is a party bar where people come to party, play with the girls and let their proverbial hair down.

This reviewer strongly recommends a visit to Qbar and when visiting make sure you ask for the AE discount which QBar does honor.

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