Originally known as Silk Stockings then Tender Touch and now One Eyed Wench this little bar over the years has gone through a number of facelifts yet somehow it has never received the popularity that it deserves. This bar is one of the few remaining Fields bars that represents the old school approach and is a bastion for those who prefer the style of bars from the past, for those who prefer a smaller more intimate bar, or for those who do not like the sameness of big bars that belong to part of a bar conglomerate. They have done a splendid job in remodeling the bar and given it an interesting theme. The music was for me perfect and there are some very shapely young ladies working the dance floor.


Address: 187 Fields ave, Balibago, Angeles City

Trading Hours 2pm - 3am


Local Drinks120pLadies Drinks160p
Double Ladies Drinks300pImported Drinks150p
Pool Game10pBeer Wraps150p
T-shirts400p-500pBar Towels250p
Bell Ring4,000pEarly Work Release2500p

Prices Updated On: 2016-02-23

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Situated right next door to Treasure Island the bar has a small frontage on the street and a narrow passageway resembling a tunnel that must be navigated before entering. This frontage and passageway leads customers to think the bar is small inside however this is a misconception because the bar is actually quite spacious. Inside the bar is actually a sort of L shape with a dance stage running down one wall and seating along the other. They have certainly made the most of the area available to them. Because it is hidden away and only has a very small frontage this bars main clientele are those who respect value for money, or guys that have made this bar their local pub where they feel comfortable.
The Bar

Some of the girls

Girls on Stage

Pool Table

The bar has a new theme that of Pirate Wenches and it has been tastefully decorated to project this theme. There is a heavy use of timber in the bar to give that old time pirates ship or pub feel and there are heavy wooden rafters. On the walls there are pirates hats and swords, muskets and various other pirate type paraphernalia. The decorations add to the theme of the bar but also provide handy props for the girls to play with and play they do which is definitely an added attraction of this bar.

The bars seating is also L shaped and is composed of a series of couches along two walls. In the center of the bar there is a lowered table with soft low seats which affords customers a nice view of the entire stage and close contact with the girls. Around the corner are another series of couches which overlook the pool table. The couches are slightly elevated and give customers a very nice view of the stage and the girls dancing. They are fairly close to the stage and allow the customers to make contact with the girls and vice versa. Despite their closeness to the stage the couches also offer customers a chance for some privacy and moments of intimacy if the customer so desires.

The bars stage is narrow and long with back mirrors behind the girls. The stage is placed against the front wall and gives the customers a good view of the girls no matter where they are sitting in the bar. The stage is narrow but long and can accommodate up to 30 girls comfortably. The stage is well lit as is the rest of the bar giving customers a good view of the girls dancing there.

The waitress staff are definitely an added bonus in this bar. Like the Dirty Duck they are run fairly loosely and when not serving customers you will often find them dancing on stage with the dancers and just playing around on stage having fun. This is not to say that they are not professional as the level of service is high and the bar certainly has a well stocked wet bar.

The best thing for me about One Eyed Wench is the atmosphere. This is a smaller bar which is most often patronized by local guys and long term tourists so you don’t tend to get the macho competition in there and it becomes almost like a "Cheers" type of place which is frequented by locals and long term tourists who adopt the place as their local pub. Just as in "Cheers" a lot of the customers know each other and are also known by the girls which goes to create a friendly jovial atmosphere throughout the bar. The bar survives on patronage of the regulars as well as that of tourists. If you are into smaller bars where the atmospahere is more relaxed and it is possible to get intimate with the girls or party the night away this is the bar for you.

The new owners of One Eyed Wench are younger guys who work overseas and when they come to town they sure like to party.I have participated in several of their parties and believe me these guys know how to have fun as do the One Eyed Wench girls.

This bar in my opinion is a hidden gem and I have no hesitation recommending a visit to it. The new decor featuring the Pirate theme is very tasteful and adds an element of class to the bar as well as creating the bars theme. The prices are in line with the rest of Fields and there is always one or two friendly girls waiting to meet you. The music is a nice mixture of modern pop and old school rock and roll and the girls in this bar actually manage to dance to rock which is in itself a major achievement.

The renovations they have done give this bar a uniquely comfortable feel verging almost on the neighborhood pub yet at the same time, being a small bar, when the right mix of customers are in it can be party central. This is a theme bar with friendly girls, friendly service, excellent music and a feeling of warmth and friendliness. From the tasteful decorations through to the friendly girls and partying customers this bar represents a unique little hideaway and for those of you who like the more intimate smaller bars it should be a must visit.

Best of all the they offer all Asian Escapades members happy hour prices all day.

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