Miss Magic
Introducing the latest Perimeter Road bar Miss Magic. Situated just across the road from the Sunset Garden Hotel this is a bar that looks small from the outside but on the inside it is huge. I found this bar interesting because it combines both the atmosphere of a Fields Avenue bar and the smaller Perimeter Road Bars which are frequented mainly by the local clientele and long term visitors and expatriates. Miss Magic is still a comparatively new bar with its soft opening on July 8 2010 and its grand opening on August 8 2008 and it is very obvious a lot of thought has gone into its design thus ensuring a wide market appeal and an enjoyable experience for all customers who enter the bar.


Address: 806 Malabanias street, Angeles City

Opening hours: Close - Close

Website: www.missmagic.com.ph

Local Drinks75pLadies Drinks150p
Double Ladies DrinksYesImported Drinks120p-250p
Beer Wraps150pT-shirts350p-450p
Pool Game15pSpecial Bell Ring1,500p
Bell Ring3,500Early Work Release1500p

Prices Updated On: 2015-04-03

From the outside Miss Magic looks comparatively small but this is deceiving as inside it is a large building with enough room to seat at least 60 people in the front section and approximately another 20 people in the back section where the pool tables are. At the time of writing this report the bar was still brand spanking new and spotlessly clean. The design of this bar is in some ways traditional and in other ways somewhat unique which is why I describe it as attracting both the Fields Avenue clientele and the Perimeter Road clientele. This bar incorporates is a large range of drinks an excellent sound system, modern lighting, a circular stage, a cultural group of dancers.
First shift of dancers

Second shift of dancers

More dancers

One of the profession pool table

For the more traditional Perimeter Road clientele there are a number of special discounts, (including Hash House Harriers RSL and VFW discounts) a series of quiet secluded corners where the guys can share a more intimate moment with the girl of their choice and in general a laid back atmosphere that is the hallmark of Perimeter Road Bars.

As you walk through the front door the bar opens up to a series of tables with chairs on the right hand side which is the customer seating area and on the left is the large circular stage. The stage is slightly elevated and features light colored tiles for flooring, 4 spotlights which highlight the girls and large back ground mirrors. Around the front of is a counter top used for the customers drinks and a series of small bar stools for the customers who want to be close to the girls. When the stools are not being occupied the counter top serves as an elevated dance stage for the girls.

There are a series of round and oblong tables which make up the main seating area of the bar and all offer excellent viewing opportunities of the stage and the girls dancing there. The tables around the front are circular and can comfortably seat four to five people around each table. At the back there are a series of oblong tables which are referred to as the VIP tables and these can seat up to 8 people comfortably. I envision if this bar ever gets a popular manager these tables will be packed with regulars all swapping tall tales and stories of their latest conquests.

One thing I really liked about this bar was the quality of the sound system they have used big speakers capable of creating very loud sound yet the music is played at a subdued level and there is little to no reverb or echo even though there is a lack of soft surfaces in the bar. From what I could hear they mainly play sixties seventies and eighties rock which although not perfect for the girls is exactly what the generally older Perimeter Road customers want to hear. Another factor which helps create customer comfort is the 5 3 ton air-conditioning units that can chill the entire room.

The main seating area is dimly lit yet bright enough to see your surroundings, read your bills etc. There are a series of laser lights which brighten the room and the flat screen TV’s which are used for advertising the bars specials and broadcasting various sporting events also help illuminate the room. The main seating area is large and would be perfect for large groups wanting to rent out the bar for private parties plus the seating and tables are sturdy and there is plenty of room for the boys to let their hair down as the fun and games begin.

Imported spirits along with an electronic sign board which advertises the special drink of the day. Off to the side of the main bar is the pool table area which features 3 professional tables reputedly some of the best in Angeles. When I asked who owned the bar I was told Filipinos which perhaps explains the emphasis on the pool tables and the manageress informed me they are planning to have regular exhibitions featuring famous players such Efren (bata) Reyes. The pool tables are charged out at 10 peso for the loser and 5 peso for the winner. If a customer buys a minimum of 3 drink or 1 ladies drinks he plays for free.

The bar offers various discounts and happy hour prices for example there is a 10% discount for all RSL VFW or Hash House Harrier members of their customer drink bill and they have extended happy hour from 12 to 3 in the afternoon. Another interesting promotion based on price is their bell rings. They actually have 3 different bell rings which include a 3500 bell ring for all dancers and staff presents a bell ring for dancers on stage and a 1500 peso bell ring where you will receive a free t/shirt and 5 free ladies drinks coupons. The bar also features a food menu with basic finger foods such as chicken fingers ham and cheese jaffels and Shanghai Lumpia. These are reasonably priced but if the hunger pangs still continue the bar also offers food from Puzzles Cafe situated right next door.

This bar is situated in the Perimeter Road area and as such incorporates various features for the traditional Perimeter Road clientele however in an attempt to attract the Asian Clientele and to some extent the supposedly more free spending Fields Avenue crowd they have borrowed concepts from the major Fields bars and incorporated them into their own bar. For example prior to the new rules they had a group of show girls in T/Backs and a group of cultural dancers. Because of the new rules the show girls have now been cancelled and incorporated into the normal dancers but the cultural group still remains and performs shows Monday through Saturday from 6pm to 11pm. The manageress estimated that there would be approximately 70 dancers and 35 waitresses. The EWR for the normal dancers and waitresses is 1300 and the EWR for the Cultural Dancers is 1500. This is a lot of girls for what is essentially a Perimeter Road Bar and they own three separate stay inns where the staff and dancers can reside.

This is an interesting bar because it combines aspects of the traditional Perimeter Road bar and the more modern commercialized bars of Fields Avenue. At this stage we are still currently negotiating the Asian Escapades 10% discount because the manageress whom I was speaking with was not a position to grant it. Miss Magic is an interesting bar and at the very least comfortable with a fairly good line up of girls as such it is definitely worth a visit and I recommend is included on ones bar hop agenda when visiting Perimeter Road locale.

Best of all the they offer all AE members a 10% discount.

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