Kings Landing
This would have to be one of my favorite bars in Angeles. I love the layout and the way the bar functions on so many different levels. There is normally something here for everyone. For the mongerer there is nearly always a decent lineup of girls and their pricing is competitive with the other bars on Fields. No matter what your particular mongering style is, Kings Landing can accommodate you.

If you like to be close to the girls the center stage with the bar stools right next to it provides you this opportunity. If you like to sit back a little bit there are tables where a group of guys can sit and party all the time keeping an eye on stage for miss right.


Address: Walk Street, Fields ave, Balibago, Angeles City

Open hours: 6pm - 4am

Local Drinks120pLadies Drinks160p
Double Ladies Drinks300pImported Drinks205p
Beer Wraps100pT-shirts500p
VIP Card1,500pBell Ring6,500p
Ping Pong Balls400pEarly Work Release2400p

Prices Updated On: 2014-09-05

Kings Landing also offers Asian Escapades
members a 10% discount off your entire bill.

Then there are the dimly lit comfortable couches in the back area where customers can become more intimately acquainted with the girl of their choice.

If your style is drinking and hanging out with the boys then they have a raised bar area with some of the best bar staff in Angeles, and certainly one of the best stocked bars. This is the perfect male bravado area and has been the scene of many an infamous drinking session.

For the music buffs they have a very good music library and the sound system is above quality compared to most other Angeles bars.




For those who pay attention to things such as the bars decorations this bar has something which will appeal.

Kings Landing was originally built as Volcano Bar and it was one of the first bars to featured ornate wooden decorations. There are thematic wood carvings, there is liberal use of gold paint and a general appearance of old world classiness.

As Volcano this bar was an instant success being that it was one of the first big bars in Angeles city with a classy atmosphere, plenty of girls and priced just right so as to attract both the local guys and the weekend millionaires from Manila and further afield.

The Champagne group changed the name from Volcano to Lancelot. They made a few physical changes including getting rid of the huge tree that took up a quarter of the stage, changed the name and added some new decorations, then they were good to go.

One thing I really like about Kings Landing is it's location. Because it is situated virtually at the junction between A. Santos Street and Fields Avenue, it nearly always has a steady trade of customers who are out bar hopping.

As in any bar the key personnel are of paramount importance to its success. In the case of Kings Landing they have Paul who is a genuinely nice guy and a good operator. The mamasan Myrna formerly from Tahitian Queen has been around for a while and whilst she runs hot and cold like most mamasans, she still has an undeniable ability to attract some good looking girls.

When it comes to the girls I have Kings Landing hit and miss but when it is running hot it has some of the best girls in town. Over the years I have pulled some super hot ones out of here and consequently this bar will always have a soft spot in my mongering heart.

If I was to criticize Kings Landing I would point out two things. Firstly it sometimes comes across as being a little tired and there is a lack of energy or a buzz in there. Secondly I would say like many bars it is to some extent a victim of the times, meaning that the girls have a strong say in how the bar operates. On several occasions I have gone in there, bought a girl a ladies drink and then when popping the question have been told she is not interested because she only goes out with Koreans. Still for me both these are minor problems and easily remedied and I would certainly never let these two problems stop my enjoyment of the bar.

Another thing I really like about Kings Landing is the waitresses. I don't know why but for some reason the waitresses their bars are always hot.

I know full well that these are older girls who probably have the marks of their experience yet I cant help myself and every time I visit here I find my eyes wandering over the pert behind of a Lancelot waitress. The Champagne group have always put an emphasis on attractive waitresses and Kings Landing is no exception. It may be the short clingy skirts, or it may simply be they know how to apply their makeup without being garish, or then again it may simply be the subtle yet definite sexual presence of a confident woman. Whatever it is the waitresses here certainly do it for me.

While on the subject of waitresses, Kings Landing has that enviable position where they employ waitresses who are not only good looking but they are competent at serving as well. Most speak better than average English and when it comes to the drinks have adequate product knowledge. In my experience it is often the case where if a girl is a beautiful waitress she will have zero product knowledge or little English.

Another thing I like about Kings Landing is that they have the so called Managers table. This is a large table situated next to the wet bar. I can fit 6 or 7 guys comfortably, it offers a view of the entire bar and also offers a great opportunity to meet the girls.

The layout at Kings Landing has always impressed me as it works on the three important levels. Level one is the guys who want to be close to the girls. For these guys Kings Landing has a series of seats right beside the stage which means instant interaction between the customers and the girls. On a second level they have a series of tables which allow customers to sit a little bit back from the girls but at the same time be close enough that they can signal a girl to join them if so desired. The third level is what I like to call the 'touchy feely' areas. In Kings Landing they have a series of couches against the right hand wall which cater for this function. These are dimly lit and offer the customer that extra bit of privacy.

Kings Landing is a very good medium sized bar with a friendly atmosphere, a functional layout, good sound system, good service and of course some beautiful girls. In my opinion it is certainly worth a visit when in Angeles.

Kings Landing also offers Asian Escapades members a 10% percent discount off your entire bill.

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