Honey Pot
Welcome to the deliciously sweet world of Honey Pot Ago-go bar. This is in many ways the classic old school Angeles bar and it has been that way since its conception as Connections in 1994. This bar has gone through various changes over the years yet it has never lost its appeal as a classic bar for mongerers from all corners of the earth.

The girls here are very friendly and appreciative of customers patronage and seem always willing to please. This bar is what I loosely refer to as a no frills middle of the road bar. I call it this because it is located in upper fields (the area from Margarita Station down to Walking Street)



This bar is no longer operating.

This area is predominantly patronized by AC locals and tourists who have been visiting the Philippines for a number of years as such when visiting you can expect to find competitive pricing structures, friendly girls who know how to make eye contact and know exactly what their job is, friendly and efficient waitresses, less emphasis on shows, less emphasis on lighting and an abundance of good old fashioned rock and roll music. The bars here also adopt an old school approach when it comes to the girls, within Honey Pot you will find all the girls dancing exactly on time and there will be no smoking on stage or chewing gum, the lack of cell phones is very much evident.
The stage

The wetbar

The managers table

The pool table

Honey Pot and bars of the same ilk tend to attract the old school customers who represent a market segment which is somewhat alienated by the big glitzy modern day bars that are beginning to proliferate on Fields Avenue.

As a friend of mine put it “the best thing about Honey Pot and bars like it is that a 65 year old guy can walk in and still feel like Brad Pitt”. Honey Pot is in many ways the classic Angeles Bar and I humbly suggest you put it on your bar hopping list, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Back in 1994 the bar that is now Honey Pot was originally opened under the name Connections and after Connections it went through an ownership change and was reinvented as the Jungle Room. The Jungle Room lasted for several years and was very popular with locals and tourists alike. The Jungle Bar played host to some of the classic Angeles bar girls and this was highly appreciated by the steady crowd of customers including locals, guys from Manila and overseas. In 2006 the bar was reincarnated as Classroom 2 featuring the girls dressed in sexy school uniforms. The transition from The Jungle Room to Classroom 2 also saw the bar undergo some major renovations many of which have remained basically the same even though it has gone through another reincarnation to become Honey Pot Ago-go which it is currently named.

The Honey Pot Ago-go in design terms is a classic example of old school Angeles bars. It features a classy neon sign outside, along with door girls extolling the customers to come inside by holding up happy hour signs and promising many sexy girls inside.

Once inside the first thing that strikes you is the extensive use of mellow red lighting. There are a series of different colored spot lights highlighting the girls on stage but the lighting for the customers is predominantly red. This is further emphasized by the red upholstery on the tables and the red upholstery along the front of the stage.

Upon entering customers are greeted by a host of girls dancing on a long shallow stage against one wall of the bar with full length mirrors behind the girls so customers can view the girls attributes from several different angles. This stage design has been around for over 30 years and with the majority of bars in Thailand featuring a center stage it has become somewhat synonymous with Philippine GO-Go bars. The bar features a large well stocked wet bar area which goes to show the emphasis placed on customers drinking and having a good time.

The bar also features classic Angeles GoGo bar seating arrangements. In the front section running the length of the stage are a series of comfortable cane chairs and stools for the girls (insert picture of chairs in front of the stage). Behind the seating by the stage are a series of round tables and chairs each of which seats four people comfortably except for the slightly larger oblong table right in the center of the bar which seats 6 people comfortably. These tables are a classic Angeles design because they allow patrons sitting there a complete view of the dancers yet they are far enough away for a group of guys to just sit and chat whilst enjoying a cold beverage or three without being disturbed by the dancers.

Of course the most essential element to any bar is the girls working there and here in Honey Pot there are some truly delicious young ladies waiting to meet you. Because of the bars design it is easy to make eye contact and just as easy to communicate with the girl that takes your fancy. The girls are subtly displayed so you can see them all no matter how many are dancing and the costumes whilst adhering to the local laws cover up what needs to be covered and yet still remain tantalizingly revealing. When it comes to the uniforms, a particular favorite of mine is the T/Back or Thong which leaves little to the imagination and serves to highlight the beautiful behinds of the dancers.

The old school approach is further emphasized by the very popular pool table. This table is considered one of the best in Angeles and many a competitive game has been played here. The customers also use the pool table as a form of relaxation and it is very common to see customers and girls playing together.

Juxtaposed to the old school feel of the bar are a few modern day nick-nacks that go to make the place just that little more complete. For example at either end of the bar they have large plasma screen monitors that are used for playing sporting events.

Also along the top of the dancing stage are plasma screen monitors which play rock and roll videos.

Honey Pot is in my opinion the classic old school Angeles bar with some great friendly girls, a good music selection, regular maintenance and a friendly party ambiance.

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