Tao Bar
Welcome to the exotic and exciting world of Tao Bar. This bar is the latest venture of the Lewis Grand group and represents this groups step into the so called “mega bar” market. As the name would suggest it is designed around an Asian theme specifically Chinese and it is designed to attract both the Asian market and the young Caucasians who use it as a party venue and a sort of nightclub. The bars design is in many ways similar to Atlantis and like Atlantis it has a large number of seriously good looking girls. Forbidden City is brash, bold and exciting yet in other ways subtle and tastefully designed. This bar is in many ways unique and certainly worth a visit when bar hopping in Angeles.



This bar is no longer operating.

Tao Bar is interesting because it works on so many different levels and incorporates different ideas many of which are contradictory yet somehow work together. On the one hand it is a big bold bar with a high ceiling and a stage set far away from the customers. This to some extent attracts the Asian customers who traditionally operate with the point and click mentality. On the other hand this is a serious party bar where groups of guys will come in to interact with the girls or just engage in heavy drinking sessions as they party the night away.
The view from the entrance

Girls on Stage

A few of the girls

The pool table

Like most big bars the owners have placed an emphasis on developing a broad based entertainment package which incorporates many different things rather than just a straight out meet, greet and barfine. For example they have a large quantity of normal dancers which are complimented by 4 separate show groups including a modeling group, spotlight dancers, pole dancers, and a special group of so called show girls who perform well choreographed dance routines.

From the outset Tao Bar was always going to be a visually impressive bar . On the outside it features a large concrete entrance marked by solid wooden doors, Chinese characters and various well lit signs advertising the various dance groups that perform inside. This is definitely a theme bar and the oriental Chinese theme is created from the external appearance of the bar and carried on through the interior design.

Once inside the bar opens to a pathway which leads to a series of bar stools and bar table which holds the customers drinks. This area is the furthest seating area from the stage and the girls but it gives you an excellent view of the entire club and is perfect for those who like to sit back and familiarize themselves with a new environment or for those who prefer to keep a distance from the girls. To the left hand side is an elevated wooden table which is often a congregating area for regular visitors who like to gather here and view the club while engaging in a prolonged drinking session with each other and girls. Behind this table is a passageway through to the lowered couches that form the main seating area of the bar. On the left hand side is the stairway to the second floor, the downstairs bar serving area and another passageway through to the lower section of the bar.

The front half of the bar is composed of a series of couches which are in a Roman amphitheater sort of design around the semi circular stage. On either side of the lower section are raised sections with private tables and couches. These form the perfect party area where a group of guys can sit back with their girls and enjoy viewing the entire bar or hold their own mini party where the drinks are flying and everybody is in serious party mode.

In the lower section of the bar are a series of couches which are interconnected and form a 3 level semi circular seating area around the dance stage. These can seat up to 30 people and offer a great area for relaxing and enjoying the shows as they appear on the stage. They also offer a great opportunity for the customers to make eye contact with the girls which in my book is always an important factor in the girlie bar business.

They offer a great venue for a bunch of guys looking for someone special for the night or alternatively a private moment with the girl of your choice.

At the front of the stage there are a series of bar stools where people who want really close contact to the girls can sit and interact as they dance.The stage itself is big enough to hold up to 50 girls at any one time and this is quite often the case as the special shows finish and all the normal dancers dance together in one big group.The stage is raised about 3 feet of the ground and the girls rotate quite regularly but like all bars there are a series of dancers who tend to be the most high profile and they will naturally dominate the stage and act the wildest often monopolizing the front of the stage so as to be nearer the customer.

Tao Bar has a number of special show girls and some of these are truly unique to Angeles. For example the pole dancers literally climb 20 feet into the air and perform quite amazing athletic feats which I as a person who suffers from a fear of heights have decided is strictly for the youthful bar girls.To watch them inch their way up the poll then lay spread eagled 20 feet in the air just hanging on with their thighs one realizes what an impressive feat this is.Pole dancing is not exactly a new event but still it is entertaining and when it comes to the Angeles show bars this is something at the current point in time which is truly unique. The other shows include spotlight girls and a dance troupe which put on specialized choreographed shows and a selection of models.

On the second floor there is a pool table area plus another serving bar area. There are also a series of seats where people can conduct their own party or view the girls as they perform on stage. At either side there are a series of couches which people use to get a good view of the stage or just sit with that someone special enjoying each others company.

On the second floor there is also a narrow dancing floor above the main stage and this is often occupied by girls dancing the night away with a giant white wall background which more often than not boasts projected images of the various music videos the DJ‘s play. This area is also where the top of the poles begin and it is not unusual to see the girls getting on stage by sliding down the poles from the second floor. It also provides a great area for people who like to engage in making it rain by throwing money on the stage packed with girls

On the third floor there is another bar area but at the time of writing development has not even started on this and it is basically empty space. However once the plans are made clear for this bar you can rest assured Asian Escapades will be the first to bring you regular updates on its development.

Even though I naturally gravitate towards the smaller old fashioned bars where the customer can have a more intimate interactive experience with the girls I recognize that there are definitely people who prefer the bigger bars and for my tastes the best of these bigger bars is Forbidden City. I say this because the atmosphere in there is more conducive for people to party in and what shows they have whilst being visually appealing are kept short so as not to interrupt the ambience of the bar. Tao Bar is an interesting theme bar with a vast quantity of girls that come in all shapes and sizes, its shows are short and visually appealing, it is just the right temperature, there is plenty of room for everybody to operate whether you be a point and click man or a party man or a gent seeking a more relaxed intimate experience with the special girl of your choice.

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