Sweet Dragon
The Sweet Dragon is the old Blue Nile Executive Club and now part of the DollHouse group of bars. When the Blue Nile Executive opened it was somewhat of an innovative experiment in that it was the first big bar on Fields Avenue that was on the second floor and only accessible by walking up a flight of stairs.

In 2010 the Blue Nile Executive was taken over by the DollHouse group and underwent some seriously impressive renovation. First of all they opened Club Asia which was formerly the old (Chicken & Ribs Restaurant)then the Emperors Lounge and right next door next to that the Sweet Dragon.


Address: Fields Avenue, Angeles City

Operating Hours: 6pm - 3am

Sweet Dragon operates two shifts. The first shift is 6pm till 3am and the second shift is 7pm till 4am.

Local Drinks95p
Ladies Drinks150p
Double Ladies Drinks300p
Imported Drinks175p-400p
Dragon Balls2,000p
Bell Ring5,500p
Early Work Release3000-4000p

Prices Updated On: 2015-01-22

The Sweet Dragon is based upon a Chinese culture theme with the dragon being an identifiable icon of Chinese culture. I have not asked but I would assume this design was chosen to specifically appeal to the Asian customer base. I of course am an Anglo Saxon white man so to some extent I am unable to relate to the Asian theme but despite this I can honestly tell you this design and the way the bar is laid out is nothing short of tremendously impressive.

I well remember the old Blue Nile Executive which was in it's day an impressive design but the DollHouse Group have raised the bar another notch in my not so humble opinion.
Bar merchandise

Samurai Sushi avalaible

The comfortable lounges

A few friendly spotlight girls

The Sweet Dragon for me in terms of design is a truly impressive bar. The bar features a large stage which comes out in a semi circle which means the girls can be highlighted and can have closer contact with the customer. Being part of the DollHouse group the bar is run to a strict regimen and part of that regimen is the show girls and modeling and spotlight dancing etc, etc. When it comes to the show aspects, the circular stage really comes into its own as it acts like a sort of modeling runway where the girls can strut their stuff up close to the customer.

The DollHouse group have always placed an emphasis on T/Back dancers, something which I thoroughly approve of, and the circular stage out front certainly comes in handy when the girls are moddeling in T/Backs.

Like most thoughtfully designed bars the Sweet Dragon operates on 3 levels for the customer. Firstly there are the now DollHouse group trademark chairs which are right up the front besides the stage. These are for the customers that like to have close contact with the girls and interact with them while they are on stage.

The second level is the tables and/or booths that allow the customers a little bit of distance from the stage and to get a better view of all the girls then the third level which is up the back. The third level is normally furthest away from the stage and this is often composed of a series of couches which offer the customers and the girls a little privacy. These are what I refer to as the "touchy feely" areas and in my opinion are an essential part of any bar.

The first thing that I notice about the Sweet Dragon is what a visually impressive bar it is from the sail like covers on the roof and the subtle yet effective lighting through to the tasteful use of brown stained timber, the plush sofas and the tastefully designed wet bar. This bar is a total class act and it is very obvious a lot of planning and money went into its development.

There some very nice little touches that when combined all add up to an impression of functional elegance and customer comfort. For example they have Sweet Dragon bar towels on the tables, they have menus on each table which clearly detail the drink prices, they have a top class Sushi bar and they serve free popcorn.

Although it takes a little effort to negotiate the stairs to get to this bar I find this an advantage because it means that the bar tends not to get so crowded and often I find myself being the center off the girls attention.

Talking about the girls there are some very cute young nubiles working here and they seem very friendly. There is a little pressure for purchasing ladies drinks but nowhere near some of the other bars on Fields Avenue.

Mostly I find the girls in Sweet Dragon very approachable and fun loving. The prices are in line with the majority of Fields bars and a visit to this bar I have always found a pleasurable experience. In terms of the EWR they have a two tier system distinguished by the tags the girls wear. The white tag girls are 1800 piso whereas the green tag girls EWR is 3000 piso.

If you are in to a classy yet fun bar experience then I thoroughly recommend paying a visit to Sweet Dragon. This bar oozes class elegance and comfort all wrapped around an Asian theme. This bar offers something for everyone and some great fun can be had up there.

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