All I can say is how time flies. I can still remember clearly watching the Doll House being built and thinking to myself, 'wow this looks interesting, I wonder what kind of bar this is going to be'.

My curiosity was piqued, but never in my wildest dreams did I envision the effect Doll House would have on Fields Avenue. From the start it was the Doll House groups flagship bar and despite the prominence of the mega bar Atlantis, in terms of image the Doll House bar is still today, the groups flagship bar.

At the time of it's initial construction there was only 1 other big


Address: 850 Fields Avenue Angeles City, 2009

Local Drinks125p
Ladies Drinks150p
Double Ladies Drinks250p
Imported Drinks175p-400p
Tequila Bell Ring2800p
Ball Shower3000p
Early Work Release2000-3000p

Prices Updated On: 2015-02-10

group in town composed of mega bars, and that was the Blue Nile group. Little did anyone realize that the Doll House group had ambitious plans and very soon while the Blue Nile group was imploding, Doll House began to take over, and today it is the undisputed power house on Fields Avenue.

From the start Doll House was conceived as a big flashy bar designed for a large volume of trade. It's critics call it impersonal, cold, to business like and a host of other things. I however look at the bar as a place of business and when it comes to the entertainment business Doll House is at the top in Angeles.
Stage From 2nd Floor

Stage From 2nd Floor

Sexy Ladies

Wet Bar

There are a number of elements that strike me with Doll House bar. Firstly it is very obvious that a lot of careful thought has gone into the design. It is built so as to be noticed and with its distinctive and very shapely, back lit Art-Deco dolls on the outside, along with speakers blaring out over the street, the neatly dressed doormen who always manage to hold the door open for customers to enter, and the cleverly designed doorway which allows easy entry and exit, this is a bar designed to be noticed and to allow maximum flow of customers.

Upon entering it soon becomes obvious that the careful design work has been implemented on the inside as well as the outside. Like all good bars Doll House works on three levels. Up the front there is a large slightly elevated circular stage and around the stage are about 30 bar stools. These bar stools are placed here for the customers who like to be up close and in the thick of the action with the girls. On the next level we have some smaller tables which are designed for those customers who like to have a few view of the stage and make eye contact with the girls and yet don't want to be right up in the thick of things. On the third level they have a number of half booths where customers can have a more intimate moment with a lady or it can accommodate the bigger party groups that often frequent Doll House.

One thing I like about the Doll House design is the high roof. This has several effects, it seems to be acoustically better than other bars, the lighting is excellent with the high ceiling allowing clever use of the spotlights and perhaps most importantly it never seems to get clouded with smoke in here.

Another impressive feature about the design is that there is a second floor where they have three pool tables and this provides the perfect area for those who just wish to chill and relax. It is also a great perch from which to view the stage and I have found very often some of the best girls in the bar are milling around this area. Up here the atmosphere is certainly less commercial and more relaxed, and the girls are nearly always ready to engage in a game of pool.

Another thing I like about the design is how they have built an archway connecting Doll House bar with Crystal Palace which allows customers easy access to separate bars and separate groups of girls.

Lastly there is the wet bar area. This is actually one of the bigger wet bar areas in Angeles and it appears very well stocked, clean and organized.

While on the subject of organization this is another thing that has always struck me about Doll House, it is meticulously organized.

From the thematically dressed door girls, and the immaculately groomed doormen on the outside through to regularly swept floor, the poppers on every table, clean ashtrays, clean mirrors, the DJ's pre-recorded speech and of course the girls who seem to rotate on and off the stage like clockwork despite the numerous different shows and multiple costume changes.

The organization is especially noticeable when it comes to the girls. The Doll House bar right from the word go specialized in having a huge number of girls the majority of which all wore T/Back bikinis. A number of other bars used to do this but with modern day morality and pressure on the bars the number of bars featuring T Back costumes has become less and less and in today's environment Doll House group has a virtual monopoly on T/Back dancers. The Doll House girls have always been the epitome of organization. From the just right stage makeup and the wearing of the now famous Doll House T/Backs with knee high boots through to their choreographed routines that they seem to be able to co-ordinate at the drop of a hat.

Admittedly the Doll House is not every customers cup of tea but even its critics have to begrudgingly admit that the formula which was started with the Doll House bar has certainly persevered and has worked. At the end of the day it's all about the girls and this is where the Doll House really comes into its own. They certainly seem to have deep pockets and no expense is spared in attracting the best looking girls in town to work there.

For the Angeles nostalgia buffs Doll House represents the antithesis of what they like in a bar, but this is the new Angeles and while the older long term patrons may complain there is a wide enough demographic of different customers frequenting Angeles to keep Doll House well and truly alive and prosperous.

Just as there are critics there are also numerous fans of Doll House simply because they like the organization and they certainly appreciate the large numbers of stunning women who work here. This is a big American, glitzy, commercialized, show type bar, and if the recent past is any indication, it's here to stay.

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