Dirty Duck
Dirty Duck is one of those bars that has found that sweet spot between girl discipline and allowing them to exercise freedom to entertain and entice customers. The bar itself to be honest is a little run down and needs attention from its undersized and poorly maintained uni-sexed CR to it's over crowded small wet bar. The bar was purchased by the Lewis Grand Group and with the procurement of Martin as manager and Louie behind the scenes sourcing talent the bar has gone from strength to strength. One of the secrets to a successful bar is to fill it to the rafters with good looking girls and the customers will come. Dirty Duck does this well and the results speak for themselves.



This bar is no longer operating.

The bar has a small outside area where you can sit and have a drink while watching the street activities and the drinks are a cheaper price. This is also the perfect area to talk with the large number of door girls or dancers between rotations who habitually utilize it as a place to hang out.

Dirty Duck is centrally located next door to Kokomos and almost directly opposite Forbidden City and this is a very popular area with the afternoon trade watching all the girls walking the street on their way to work. You can also buy ladies drinks in this area however don't expect the girls to be as they are inside due to prying eyes.
A crowded Room




The main seating area of the bar is around the centrally located stage allowing for close interaction with the girls however there are also lounges along either side wall but these are very crowded with the narrow walkways normally chocked with waitresses madly scurrying back and fourth delivering drinks.

Seating around the main stage is the true attraction of Dirty Duck with high back stools that are very comfortable and perfect for those long nights partying with friends.

There is no doubt the main attraction of this bar, which in reality is small and run down, is the girls. Given an almost free reign they have developed their own style of entertainment for the customers and themselves and hear in lye's the secret to this bars success. On any night expect to run into many Asian Escapades members in full party mode or deep into negotiations with one of the girls as it has become a focal point for members to meet and don't forget your camera as the girls are very photo friendly to the point they will continue try to out do each other with their antics to get your attention.

Lineups can change overnight in Angeles however Dirty Duck seems to have a large core group of girls that keep the party rolling along and with the constant arrival of new girls that go through a very rapid learning experience thanks to their more seasoned sisters, there is always something for all tastes. There are three shifts of girls due partly to the fact that there is simply not enough room on stage to hold all 60-80 dancers as well as the overlapping shifts as this is one of the few early afternoon opening bars on Fields Ave.

Like most bars there are quite periods during a night and then there are the wild moments however these seem more frequent and prolonged in Dirty Duck and once that snowball effect begins it is hard to stop.

The bar has a change room upstairs for the girls however it is quite hot up there so most will be found utilizing any empty seat in the bar or the outside area giving the impression when entering it is a 'full house' however they are easily moved on by a waitresses.

All of us have different tastes and if waitresses are your thing then Dirty Duck has some very attractive ones who will entertain you in true Dirty Duck style. One of the things I dislike the most in any bar is drink pressure from the girls and I have experienced very little of this however Martin the manager is a different story.

Dirty Duck History:

The Dirty Duck has been around in various forms for approximately 25 years. Originally it was named the Happy Hooker which became a legend in Angeles mongering circles. Some time in the mid nineties it was taken over by Tommo who remodeled the bar and renamed it to Dirty Duck. Tommo built up a steady trade and this bar was very much a focal point for the Australian market. Since Tommo the bar went through a number of owners the latest of which is the Lewis Grand Group who purchased it early 2010 and under their management the little Duck has gone from strength to strength.

The development of Fields has seen the emergence of many new big bars with even bigger overheads but throughout all the changes the iconic Dirty Duck has remained the same adhering to the simple principle of packing the bar out with girls and keeping them in close contact with the customers. This formula has certainly worked for the bar and just about any time of day or night it is one of the busiest bars in Angeles.

Best of all the they offer all Asian Escapades members a 10% discount.

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