D Club
If I had to name a club that was a classic iconic representation of how Angeles used to me the first one on my list would be D’ Club formerly The Club. I have been visiting this bar since 1993 and guess what very little has changed over the last 15 years. For some people this is a bad thing but for others the Clubs consistency and ability to resist change is a major attraction and it is precisely because it is so old school that they choose to visit here. When you look at D’ Club it is a classic example of a little bar where the overheads are kept to a minimum and the emphasis is placed on providing a good stable of playful girls,cold beer, basic alcoholic beverages and realistic prices.


Address: 444 Fields Avenue, Angeles City

Opening Hours: 5pm - 5am

Website: www.insomniagroup.com

Local Drinks95pLadies Drinks150p
Double Ladies Drinks300pImported Drinks150p
Beer Wraps150pT-shirts350p
Ping Pong Balls400pBeer Coaster50p
Bell Ring Per Staff100pEarly Work Release3000p

Prices Updated On: 2015-01-22

D’Club is situated on what is now known as upper Fields and in many ways it represents a harkening back to days gone by. As you enter the door will be opened by the doorman who has been there for at least twenty years and in all that time he has aged very little. Walking through the door you are greeted by a raised wet bar area and a big managers table overlooking the stage and the rest of the bar. On a slightly lower level there is the stage which runs along the left hand side wall and in front of the stage are a series of bar stools which are are conveniently placed so customers and girls have no choice but to inter react and being such a small bar there is a lot of inter reacting done constantly.


And More Girls

...And Some Waitresses Too

Along the right hand side wall are a series of couches where customers can sit and relax a little more although there is no subdued lighting in this area and there is barely enough room to stretch ones legs without interrupting the natural passage way that flows through the middle of the bar. The toilets are at the end of the bar and this is a small area with one urinal and one sitting down throne.

What I have always liked about this bar is the lack of pretension. This is a basic approach epitomized, the design of the bar is basic and yet functional, the lighting is per functionary, the pricing is in line with the rest of Fields Avenue bars, the music hasn’t really changed in the last twenty years and neither has the seating. Money has been spent on the bar but only in terms of basic maintenance, and it is still very much the same bar as it has been for the last two decades. The bar is dominated by the stage where the girls are the center attraction and the girls in this club have developed an enviable reputation as being attractive and excellent performers. Personally this reviewer has had many bar fines from D’ Club and this has been one of the bars that I will always check out when looking for that certain someone.

When it comes to the girls this bar has always had a decent lineup and the girls that work there have in my experience always been friendly and good performers. I have a number of theories concerning why the girls from D’ Club are so friendly but perhaps the one that rings the truest is the fact that this bar is a small bar with a comparatively low volume of girls and low volume of customers. Which means they have not been spoilt or exposed to shall we say a higher level of commercialism. Another reason is the mamasan and the owners policies which are basically to provide the customers with honest value for money. For me this no frills and back to basics approach really works to the customers benefit and it makes a pleasant change from the bigger bars with their loud music, high volume and somewhat impersonal approach to the business.

The mamasan here is key as she has been working here for at least 15 years and during that time has established a noteworthy recruitment pipeline which she taps on a regular basis to keep the line up fresh and expanding. In line with the back to basics approach the girls all wear the same bikini and only a little bit of makeup. There are no ghost faces or emphasis on shows here. There is no tiered bar-fine system just and it is understood by the girls here what the purpose of a bar fine is.

I think a large part of the success of this bar is the left over influence of Kiwi and Vicky.In days gone by these two together with their main manager

Barry Bracewell literally set the tone of the bar which still rings true today. I can remember many nights when Barry and Kiwi would be holding court and the managers table would be packed with regulars all enjoying a good story telling and drinking session. Back then the girls were almost secondary and it was all about the boys bonding with each other and then when they were ready they would turn their attention to the girls. At the same time there has always been the steady core of customers who are not interested in the male bonding sessions and their priority has always been the girls and D’Club was one of the few bars that never failed to satisfy. For some reason this has always been a bar where you could find the classic Filipina which when you consider the number of girls working there is quite an achievement.

For those of you who prefer a smaller bar with an old school approach an easy going atmosphere, realistic prices, low ladies drink pressure and a chance to inter react with the girls then I thoroughly recommend D’Club. Currently there is no Asian Escapades discount in the D’Club but negotiations are underway and we hope to be able to announce one in the near future.

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