Candy Bar
If ever there was a bar that is appropriately named it’s Candy Bar. When entering here one feels like a kid entering a candy store except the candy is in the form of sweet and delicious Filipinas.

In my opinion this is the classic Perimeter road bar. The pricing is realistic, the size is perfect, the music is just the right level, the bar is well stocked with all the basic alcohol needs, management is friendly, the service is very good, the waitresses are friendly and good looking and most importantly Candy Bar is renowned for employing very attractive, service orientated dancers. It really is like a candy store for adults.


812 Don Juice Avenue Clarkview Angeles City

Trading Hour's 12pm - 12am

Local Drinks70p
Ladies Drinks140p
Double Ladies Drinks290p
Imported Drinks140p
Bell Ring4,000p
Early Work Release1800p

Prices Updated On: 2017-05-16

Candy Bar has been around a comparatively long time first opening it's doors as Candy Bar back in 2009. Over the years Candy Bar has built up a large following of dedicated patrons who swear by it and the girls who work there. It is literally one of those bars that is an icon and as such no visit to Angeles is complete without dropping by there.

So why is this bar so popular. In my opinion it is a combination of factors that all combine together to create the near perfect Perimeter bar. These factors are a s follows. Firstly there is the pricing. Candy bar local drinks are only 70p and imported drinks range from 140p.
Wet Bar

A few of the friendly ladies

Central dance stage

More girls

The ladies drinks are all single and are 135 peso unless special request by customer for double then only 275p. Most importantly the girls here are never pushy and the emphasis is on actual communication between the customer and the girl rather than trying to guzzle down as many ladies drinks as possible. This laid back attitude is also confirmed by the waitresses who are always there when needed but at the same time do not exhibit the pushy attitude that is sometimes present in other bars.

Candy Bar has a definite old school vibe about it which many customers seem to appreciate. This is not a bar with bright shiny lights and loud music which makes it hard to communicate but rather an old fashioned bar where guys can congregate, enjoy a quiet drink or ten and of course enjoy the company of some truly attractive Filipinas. The main patronage seems to be expats and long term tourists who know exactly what they want and how to get it. In many ways it plays the role of ones local pub but with extremely attractive girls all waiting to meet you.

As you walk in on the right hand side there is a big managers table which is where the manager will often hold court. This table is nearly always busy with the loyal patrons who congregate in this bar. It is also conveniently placed so people sitting there can communicate with each other but at the same time can see and interact with all the girls.

The stage runs down the center of the bar and there is seating right next to the stage in the form of bar stools with couches behind them (on the left hand side) against the wall. On the right hand side there is a series of tables which are dimly lit and customers use these as the touchy feely area where they can get more intimately acquainted with the girl of their choice. In the far right hand corner is the wet bar area and the DJ booth. The bar tenders in Candy Bar are fairly professional for a Perimeter road bar and seem to know how to mix the more unusual drinks.

Rather than wear bikinis the dancers here wear tight little shorts and attractive bras. This costume while not as revealing as a bikini still reveals the girls body rather than hiding any flaws such as stretch marks or damage from childbirth. All of the dancers were high heals except when dancing on the counter top and all the girls have certain dance routines that they will engage in when the appropriate song comes on.

The lighting in Candy Bar is basic yet effective. You can clearly see the girls on stage and the other customers yet customers can still find a more dimly lit recess area in the bar where more intimacy is the order of the day.

The music in Candy Bar is just right also. They have a decent sized computer library of songs which allows for customer requests and also to play music for the girls to dance to which brings me to my next point which is, the girls in Candy Bar actually dance rather than stand there like robots which is so prevalent in many other bars.

All these factors contribute to Candy Bars success but the bottom line is the quality of girls and in this respect Candy Bar is nearly always ahead of other Perimeter road bars. The line up in Candy Bar has always been it's strong point. There is a very nice mixture of slightly older girls who know exactly what a man wants through to semi experienced girls and fresh from the province with mud between their toes. And best of all they all seem to be hot and born performers.

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