Bunny Ranch

Just recently we were wondering which bar to do a bar review on when it occurred to me we have never done one on Bunny Ranch and considering this bar has fairly recently changed ownership and has undergone a major face lift supervised by a prominent AE member, and is now managed by another prominent AE member, we thought Bunny Ranch would make an interesting bar on which to do a bar report.

Previously it was owned by Big Bill who seemed to let the girls run the bar which of course has some advantages and some major disadvantages.



This bar is no longer operating.

The free wheeling approach to running the bar which was adopted by the previous owner had an advantage in that it attracted some seriously good looking girls however it also created the situation where the bar developed quite a bad reputation because the girls were running the bar and there was no structure or organization. The current management recognized this and have adopted a slightly more strict and organized approach towards running the bar and the girls.

I was wondering why they chose the name Bunny Ranch and assumed it was something to do with the Playboy bunnies but BeauBrummel who is now the manager assured me this was not the case.
Bell Ring



And More Girls

Apparently Bill the previous owner was a professional gambler and practiced his trade numerous times in Nevada where they refer to their ‘cat houses’ as ranches. Secondly there is supposedly a famous bar in Nevada actually named Bunny Ranch so it seemed the name was only fitting.

Bunny ranch has always been a large spacious bar and the modern day version is no exception. It is basically a long narrow bar with a long stage on the left hand side which covers three quarters of the bars entire length.

Next to the stage are a series of seats designed for those of us who like to be close to the dancing girls. Behind these are a series of tables with 4 to 6 seats for smaller groups and behind these are a series of lounges where customers can have their privacy to chat with their friends or the girl of their choice.

The bar has recently undergone a major refit and now features a very long narrow stage with large mirrors behind the dancers thus creating the illusion that there are more girls than there actually is. The skinny stage with extensive back mirrors has been used by the Champagne group since 1996.

There are quite a few nice little touches in Bunny Ranch. For example there is extensive use of the black light which really shows up the girls costumes, over each table are miniature spotlights which shed enough light for you to read your bill easily yet you can still have your relative privacy in the dimmer light just by sitting back 6 inches. There is also extensive use of spotlights for the stage and the mirrors have been specially treated so as to minimize glare. There is extensive use of subdued red light on the stage and around the customers seating area. Other nice little touches include coasters for your drinks, spillage mats on every table which are replaced by attentive waitresses if anything is spilt.

When we were there I asked Beau Brummel how many dancers he had and he replied tonight about 40 and approximately 10 waitresses. This is a fair number of girls and on the whole we found them to be very friendly and mostly eager to pose for the camera.

At the end of the bar in a slightly elevated area is the actual bar serving area where people can sit having a quiet drink with the girl of their choice, engage in drinking duels, or simply overlook the entire bar to see who is there and what is going on.

Snacks are served at regular intervals throughout the night and are available to be ordered from the fast food restaurant which is currently under development.

Right now their specialty snack is the hot dogs which sell for 30 peso.

The bar can comfortably seat up to 70 people and 80 with a bit of squeezing and their are a number of 3 ton split type air conditioning units which keep things nice and cool.

One special event is WOW Wednesday. Basically this includes free snacks, raffle prizes, discounted drinks, various special dance shows performed by Bunny Ranch girls and guest performers from other participating bars.

Of course an essential element of any girlie bar is the girls. We found the girls in Bunny ranch a little standoffish at first until we started joking with them and then after that there was no problem in regards to photos or playing with them. In fact several girls were eager to have their photos taken and hammed it up for the camera.

I had a close look at the girls in this club and even though I found only a few dancers that were attractive to me there was some seriously nice looking waitresses and every one of them seemed to have a high level of proficiency yet at the same time were friendly and attractive.

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