Body Shop
Formerly Black Jack, this bar under various names has been around for twenty or so years but in my humble opinion it has never looked this good both in terms of the bar layout and it’s line up of girls. With the advent of Body Shop, Byrd Cage, Tropix and now Crystal Palace, Real Street is getting a new lease of life and is becoming a mini microcosm of bars and beautiful girls. The bars in this area have always been popular with expats and long term tourists as they are perceived as being less expensive and less commercial. These days this image is still maintained even though it has no basis in fact.


Address: Real Street, across from Orchid Inn

Trading Hours: noon - 1am

Local Drinks95p
Ladies Drinks165p
Double Ladies Drinks310p
Imported Drinks165p
Bell Ring 4,000p
Early Work Release2400p

Prices Updated On: 2016-08-26

Body Shop also offers Asian Escapades members
a 10% percent discount off your entire bill.

Their prices are much the same as the so called mainstream bars on Fields Avenue and their quality of girls (especially Body Shop) is equal to any bar on Fields.

Inside the body shop features a centralized stage that runs down the center of the bar with seating next to the stage or a lounge area slightly set back and running along either side of the bar. At the end of the stage is a large size managers table then behind that is the wet bar.
Beautiful Ladies

The wetbar

The managers table

The stage

The lounge chairs along either wall are comfortable and slightly elevated so patrons can see the whole bar and all the girls inside no matter where they are sitting. There are small tables in intermittent sections where customers can put their drinks while they chat with or play with their chosen companion. The lounge area is also dimly lit allowing people to have a relative level of privacy. The bar will hold 50 customers comfortably but with a little squeezing up to 70 people.

At the end of the stage is a large managers table where the serious players meet and come to tell tales and consume inordinate amounts of alcohol. Of course just by the managers table is a large bell and to ring this buying all the girls a drink it will cost you 4000 piso.

The wet bar is situated at the end of the bar and is very well stocked with imported and local drinks. The bar staff are also well trained and competent at making a large range of shooters.

Being situated on Real Street Body Shop is extremely local and longtime tourist friendly as such they accept all board member discounts and have a special incentive in the form of the Elite Membership club. To join the Elite Members club will cost you 7,500 piso and for this you get a lifetime 10% discount off your total drinks bill, a medallion, one free EWR, a star on the ceiling and your name on the Elite Members mirror. At first glance this may seem a bit expensive but when you consider what you get for your money this is actually a great deal.

One of Body Shops little specialties is Private Parties. Basically this is where a bunch of guys pay to close the bar for their own private party. They have a set price for this but depending on the circumstances such as how long the party will go for and how many guys will attend, the price will vary but it is negotiable with management. The boys at Body Shop are extremely customer friendly so if you want a private party, simply talk with management and I am sure they will be able to accommodate you.

The entire bar is very clean and well maintained. Everywhere you look there are mirrors which are great for the girls and encourage them to dance up a storm. The floor is shiny black tiles and the CR is immaculately clean. There are a number of Koppel 3 ton air conditioning units so the bar is always delightfully cool even on the hottest days and there is a large generator for when the inevitable brown outs occur.

As with all girlie bars the most important factor is the girls and in the case of Body Shop the line up is equal to if not above most other bars in Angeles.

The three mamasans Louisa, Angie and Ida have done a great job in recruiting firm bodied, friendly dancers and there are a total of 60 of them in this bar at the time of writing. The girls costumes are basic single color bikinis together with 2 inch high heeled shoes. EWR is 1300 piso.

I am not sure where they got the girls from but there seems to be a whole new crop of girls in this bar not just the same old bar girls that go from new bar to new bar. For daytime and night there are a total of 60 dancers and 16 waitresses. If you are looking for that special girl to spend some time with, Body Shop should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Body Shop is in many ways your classic medium sized Angeles bar. It has everything you need for a great time including a terrific lineup of girls, all the necessary drinks, good air-conditioning, clean cr’s, friendly managers, a comprehensive music list and a friendly welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by which is indeed a pleasant change in what is becoming a rapidly commercialized Angeles. The pricing is in line with other bars and yes they do offer the AE discount.

The bar is situated right next door to the Anchorage Inn so if you find the perfect companion and time is pressing there is always this economically viable option available.

Best of all they are Asian Escapades friendly and will give a 10% percent discount of the total drink bill to any card carrying member.

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