Blue Nile Executive
What goes around comes around and it seems some things never change. The original Blue Nile Executive was opened in 2004 and was situated above Blue Nile. By 2009 it was closed and the lease was taken over by DollHouse group who have now built Dragons Den where the Blue Nile Executive once was. But as the old saying goes you can't keep a good thing down and this was certainly the case with the Blue Nile Executive as it re-emerged but now in a new location that being the second floor of the Golden Nile building. The Executive is run by some familiar faces from Neros, Blue Nile and the old Blue Nile Executive. Even though it retains the name this is certainly a new club and a definite addition to the AC bar scene.



This bar is no longer operating.

When it originally started the Blue Nile Executive as the name would suggest was designed to attract the big spenders or the so called upper echelon of customers. Originally it was a private membership club but this did not prove a viable proposition and it was soon open to the general public.

The Blue Nile Executive in its heyday developed a reputation as the place for a late night early morning party. This had a lot to do with the location but also the fact that there was an entire clique of beautiful young ladies who were always ready to party whenever the customer was in the mood. That same party atmosphere has been recaptured in the new Blue Nile Executive.
The Bar

The dance floor

Cultural Dancers

One of the shows

The New Blue Nile Executive is situated in the Golden Nile building on the second floor beneath its bigger sister bar Golden Nile on the third and fourth floors. Access can be gained by walking up the stairs or catching the elevator.

This is best described as a medium sized club with the wet bar being situated in the front the same as Golden Nile and the dance floor being situated at the back of the club. This is an interesting design as it features several round tables scattered randomly throughout the club, a number of comfortable couches discreetly placed to afford patrons a little privacy and a lowered dance floor which allows interaction between the dancers and the customers.

The dance floor is a critical point in this club because being so low it gives customers an excellent view of the girls and even encourages them to partake in the dancing if they feel the desire. On many occasions I have seen customers strut their stuff with their chosen girl.

The lower stage also works well for the show girls named Bad Company. This is a dynamic dance group who perform athletic and innovative dance numbers and because of the lower floor the customers rather than become mere observers actually get a feel for the energy and vibe that these dance numbers create. This is interesting considering that the bar above here, the Golden Nile, takes exactly the opposite approach with the showgirls. Here it is very much a show where the customers are observers from a distance but in the Executive it is almost you are part of the show. The choreography is also interesting in that they dance to some heavier rock and roll songs as well as some more modern tunes from bands as diverse as Metallica through to Faithless.

The original Blue Nile Executive featured models, show girls, cultural dancers, spotlight dancers, and normal dancers. Of course this was far to many different divisions of dancers and the new Blue Nile Executive has learnt from this and have limited the different divisions to normal dancers models and showgirls.

The round tables are also an important aspect of this club as they give patrons a view of the girls and allow interaction with the dancers yet at the same time they provide enough privacy where the customers can enjoy a drink by themselves without being intruded upon by the girls or feeling pressured to buy a ladies drink. There are also two tables in the front of the bar which serve as what I call the male bonding area where a bunch of guys can get together and regale each other with stories while they down copious amounts of alcohol. This is the ever popular managers table.

The Blue Nile Executive is an exciting and innovative place which can generate an energetic lively party atmosphere. The show girls are actually enjoyable to watch and the general dancers are friendly and customer interactive. There are a number of couches discreetly tucked away in the corner which afford customers moments of intimacy with their special girl and there are a number of tables which give enough distance between the customers and girls and yet are also close enough to allow interaction. The sound system in here is excellent and the music library is impressive. This club maintains the Egyptian theme and there are some seriously beautiful and friendly girls who work there.

If you visit this club as an Asian Escapades member make sure you introduce yourself to big Joe the part owner and working manager along with wee George. These two are both characters and are quick to buy you a drink or three and swap some stories with you.

Best of all the they offer all AE members 5% off your drinks, ladies drinks and EWR discount.

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