Atlantis Bar
Welcome to the world of Atlantis the jewel in the Dollhouse group’s crown. Situated on the right hand side of Fields just after the barrier that turns Fields Avenue into a walking street this is a big glitzy bar employing literally hundreds of girls and the first bar you come to as you walk down Fields heading towards McArthur Highway.

Atlantis is the biggest bar in the Doll-House group and it is in many ways run like a well oiled machine.


Address: Field Ave - Angeles City

Opening hours: 6pm - 3am


Local Drinks125pLadies Drinks150p
Double Ladies Drinks250pImported Drinks175p-400p
Customer Tequila Gold175pLadies Vodka Cruiser350p
Ladies Tequila Gold235pTequila Bell Ring2,800p
Bell Ring7,500pEarly Work Release2000-3000p

Prices Updated On: 2017-09-27

From the large entrance with copious amounts of doorgirls through to the spotlessly maintained furniture, clean and functional wet bar area, the large and subtly lit stage, the lighting fixtures the large number of girls all of whom are attractively presented and the glass walls with flowing water, this bar epitomizes efficiency and organization where everyone acts as part of a well oiled machine.

As you walk through the front doors the bar has two small tables and off to the right is the wet bar and main service area then off to the left are a series of small tables. This area is actually slightly elevated in comparison to the main stage.
View from 2nd floor

2nd floor sushi bar

2nd floor pool table

Barstool seating

As you walk through the entrance the bar is narrow and then as you venture further in it widens finally culminating in a large circular stage. This bar is seemingly divided into sections. The first section is the entrance and what I will call the upper bar area. This area is slightly elevated in terms of the stage and it composes a number of small tables plus the wet bar and main serving area.

The second section is composed of a row of couches all slightly lower than the first area and all pointing directly at the stage. The couches are arranged in a half circle design so no matter where you sit you have an excellent view of the stage and the girls dancing on it. The couches are an interesting concept in that they are designed for comfort so the customer can sit in the bar for a longer period of time and actually communicate with the girl of his choice. By allowing easy interaction between the girls and the customers in a relaxed atmosphere this encourages greater communication between the girls and the customers which in turn maximises the Filipinas greatest asset her ability to communicate in English and leads to a greater number of ladies drinks and EWR's.

The third section is composed of the stage and the bar stools right in front of it. The stage is semi circular and is composed of two levels and for those customers who wish to get a bit closer to the girls there is a series of bar stools right in front of it. The stage itself is specifically designed to hold a large number of girls yet at the same time give equal viewing access from just about any part of the bar. At the same time it is also designed to allow single dancers as in the models or the show girls to do a solo routine. When this happens a single girl will come forward while the others stay in the background on the slightly higher step.

As I have said many times in the past a truly sucessful bar is a culmination of several factors but the overiding important factor is the girls who work there. When it comes to the number of attractive girls the big bars within the DollHouse group seem to be in a league of their own and on top of the pecking order within this group is Atlantis. I do not know how many dancers they have in this bar but I would assume well over 100 which in mongering terms means your chances of finding that special girl are greatly increased due to the sheer quantity of girls working here. Atlantis is a very big bar employing numerous girls who are grouped into separate categories which includes the normal dancers, the models, the show girls, the spotlight dancers and the body painting girls. The stage itself is semi circular and the emphasis is on entertainment and a show type approach as opposed to bars where the stage is smaller and customers can make contact with the girls when dancing.

The approach at Atlantis has been described by some as a “meat market’ but given the fact that they employ so many girls this criticism is in some ways inevitable.

The second floor composes a number of lounge chairs all placed in a semi circular design overlooking the stage. Once again one is reminded of a roman amphitheatre where persons of distinction can sit in an elevated position and view the stage as the drama unfolds before their eyes. Personally I like the second floor as I find it a little bit quieter and the atmosphere is more conducive to relaxation and it allows you the opportunity to simply chat with the girl of your choice without so many prying eyes and party revelry going on around you.
Behind the lounge seats are a series of tables and a wet bar area. The wet bar area is sufficiently stocked and the service here like the ground floor is exemplarily.

On the third floor there is a type of entertainment area which features a wet bar area with wide screen TV, a pool table some igloo shaped Karaoke rooms and a sushi bar. This area is designed as a more casual relaxation area where customers can enjoy some sushi, play a game of pool or sing some songs in the Karaoke rooms. Once again this area is removed from the more hectic party type area of downstairs and the emphasis here is on easy going and relaxed communication with your friends or girls of your choice.

Like the Dollhouse itself Atlantis represents the newer style bar with more of an emphasis on the impersonal business approach as opposed to the smaller bars where the emphasis is more on social interaction and the bar takes on the role of the local pub. Atlantis is a huge bar and as such does not lend itself to the pub like atmosphere but rather to the giant night club sort of approach where the emphasis is on numbers of people through the door rather than social interaction between customers. Also like the Doll-House, Atlantis is a theme bar with a definite image (in this case the image of Atlantis the mythical lost city) and there are a number of expensive props and decorations, including a glass water wall with back lighting, that serve as branding mechanisms and go a long way in creating and perpetuating the bars image.

Earlier on I referred to the Atlantis as running like a well oiled machine and in this bar there is evidence of this everywhere. For example the staff are attentive and trained well, and there are lots of little things that require constant attention to detail. For example the popcorn is fresh, the poppers are always full, the tables are constantly cleaned, each table has tissues and menus for the DollHouse Cafe as well as special promotional material such as flyers for the Tequila bell ring and the stage props are always updated. I have been in this bar on numerous occasions and I am yet to see a light bulb that needs replacing or a table without a clean ashtray or a costume with a hole in it.

The ubiquitous poppers which were first utilized by the Blue Nile group and now seem standard in all of the DollHouse Group bars. These are filled with ticker-tape and when twisted they explode creating the impression of a party or a celebration. They are sold here for 100 piso per tube.

When I talked to the owners of Atlantis they stressed that this bar was designed as a show type bar with the emphasis being placed on attracting the Asian market and after observing their clientele at various times on different nights it became very obvious to me that they have been successful in capturing their target market. This is not to say that other people are not welcome, of course they are, but the design of the bar is geared towards what they think will attract the Asian market.

Customers are also able to order food which is produced by the DollHouse cafe situated across the road from Atlantis. This includes Pizza and quite an extensive menu plus Japanese food.

In many ways Atlantis runs like a well oiled machine the lighting is bright and extensive, the seating is comfortable and practical, the air conditioning units are all programmed for a set temperature, the tiled floor is spotlessly clean as is the wet bar area, the service is quick and efficient. There are extensive decorations throughout the bar and it is very obvious no expense has been spared when designing this establishment. There are set areas of the bar which lend themselves to different activities for example the downstairs area is designed as a social interaction and party area whereas the second and third floors are more quiet and designed to encourage more subtle interaction with less people viewing ones actions.

The dance numbers are strictly choreographed and occur at precise times every night but best of all despite the plush appearance of the bar the prices are realistic and in fact are below some of the other major bars on Fields. Being so big and commercialized Atlantis is not for everyone but whether you like the DollHouse group approach or not one thing is for sure, this club is an ambitious endeavour incorporating large sums of money and extensive planning. The bottom line is that despite what the critics have to say Atlantis runs well, generates big sales and looks like it is here to stay. Most importantly with the huge number of girls employed here this bar should definitely be on everyones bar hopping list.

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