Touch of Class
Address: Perimeter Road
Trading Hours: 10 to 7 pm
Review Written On: 09/05/07

Touch of Class (TOC) is a great little bar. It is attached to Emotions Bar, which both are owned by the same gentleman, Steve, and located close by the America Hotel in the Perimeter section of Fields Avenue. We stopped by to see Stu and Des the two Papasans/Managers there. They are very good hosts. TOC is an early bar. It opens at 10 am and closes early as well, 7 pm, so you better be there early if you want first choice.

image5The Early Work Release (EWR) is only 1,000 pisos. If you want to buy a Lady a drink, it will cost 100 pisos and your local drink is 55 pisos or if you like the mixed or imported pour, you will pay 145 pisos. With these prices you can see that Happy Hour is every hour, every day. If you get very frisky a Bell Ring costs 100 pisos per staff member. Don't worry if you do not have cash, because they do accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

TOC has a good atmosphere, even though they are going to be dressing it up a bit and putting in a kitchen to be able to offer snack food. They have seating for 30 people. Their comfort rooms are clean and modern.

TOC has 15 to 25 dancers, no GRO's and 9 waitresses, out of which, one is a Cherry Girl.


We found the girls to be playful and fun and several enjoyed their photos taken. The bar is camera friendly, but just ask the girl before you take her picture as a couple were camera shy. The other girls love their picture being taken. The line up is ok, but better than expected; there are actually a couple of beautiful girls that would definitely be in the quality column.

There are no amenities such as a pool table or short time rooms, but both are available next to the bar itself.

If you are in the mood for shorttime, the Perimeter Hotel, which is upstairs, has two rooms dedicated image1 for this at a cost of 350 pisos for two hours. This is not associated with TOC.

TOC will have a website:


Name of the Bar: Touch of Class

Address: Perimeter, next door to Emotions and Perimeter Hotel

Name of Papasan: Stu / Des

Bar Opens: 10 AM

Bar Closes: 7 PM

Prices (Pisos)

EWR: 1,000

Ladies Drink: 100

Local Drink: 55

Mixed Pour: 145image3

Bell Ring: 100 per staff

Happy Hour

Start Time: all day, every day

End Time: N/A

Cost per drink: N/A

# of Dancers: 15 - 25

# of GRO's: 0image8

# of Waitresses: 9

# of Cherry Girls: 1

Seating: 30

Amenities: None

Comments: Accept Visa/MC/AMEX, Snack food available

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