Red Bar
Where the Dollhouse restaurant used to be there is now a new bar named Red. This bar was designed by and is owned by the same people who are involved in Q bar and as in the case of Q they have done a great job in terms of design. It is very obvious a lot of thought has gone into Red and they have spent the required money making sure everything is of the highest quality.

When I talked to the owners of Red they stressed that they wanted a bar that would appeal to the so called 'up market' clientele and they have deliberately set out to design a 'classy' bar that will attract both the high rollers and the normal Angeles customer.


Address: 1035 Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines
Open Hours: 3pm - 3am

Local Drinks120p
Ladies Drinks160p
Double Ladies Drinks300p
Imported Drinks125p-695p
Bell ring5,000p
Early Work Release2400p

Prices Updated On: 2015-03-17

Red Bar also offers Asian Escapades
members a 10% discount off your entire bill.

This is a great bar and certainly worth a visit.The first thing I noticed about Red was that it lived up to it's name with red being the predominant color. There is red sky-lighting, the stools are red, the super comfortable lounges are red, and the outside signage is red. The second thing I noticed is that it is considerably brighter inside than many other bars. For me personally I am more at home in a dimly lit bar but that's just a personal opinion and many people whom I have met have expressed favorable opinions when it comes to the lighting in Red bar. Many people have expressed the fact that they like the lighting because they can see the girls properly and they have no problem reading the bill.




Lastly because it is bright it makes what is essentially a small bar look big. The design of Red is nothing short of impressive. They have a stage which runs down the center of the bar which means customers can see all the dancers and customers can get close up and friendly with the girls. Right by the stage there are a series of red stools which allow customers very close contact to the girls. Along the front of the bar directly facing the stage there is a series of lounges. These are also red but more importantly they are very comfortable and offer customers an excellent view of the stage.

In the back section there are a series of tables which can accommodate a group of guys who are drinking and enjoying each others company while at the same time looking at the girls. Then at the very back they have more red couches which offer a little privacy for those seeking a more intimate experience.

Another thing I like about Red is the music. In Red bar the music is, shall we say, more eclectic than in other bars and it is played at a reasonable level, allowing customers to converse with each other and the girls.

The owners of Red have not forgotten the importance of selling booze and the bar proudly boasts over 50 different whiskeys from all around the world, as well as, an exhaustive range of local and imported drinks.

The most important thing about any "girlie bar" is the quality of girls working there. For my tastes I found the quality of girls in Red to be generally speaking higher than competing girls. The owners rather than pack the stage with recycled girls, (which is what normally happens when a new bar opens), have deliberately set the selection standards high, and the quality of the girls clearly demonstrates this. Best of all the design of the place allows you to chat with the girls in a quality environment.

No bar is perfect and this is certainly the case with Red. Girls when dancing are typically hooked to the mirror and in Red there is only mirrors on one side of the stage, this means the girls when dancing will face the mirror even if there is a number of customers on the other side.

Overall I find Red an impressive bar because it demonstrates attention to detail. The seating is functional and yet very comfortable, the lighting is just right maintaining brighter conditions than in a lot of bars, the music is played at a tolerable level, the range of alcoholic beverages (especially whiskeys) is impressive and the pricing is competitive with other Fields Avenue venues.

Most importantly they have some high quality beautiful girls.

I have lived in the Philippines for many years but I am yet to get used to the heat, but in Red Bar with their brand new air conditioning system the heat is never a problem. This is a delightfully cool bar which is very much appreciated by customers such as myself.

The operating hours of Red are 6:PM through to 3:AM and the great news is the 10% AE discount applies off your total bill.

Best of all the they offer all Asian Escapades members a 10% discount across total bill.

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