Love & Music

Situated on the bottom end of Fields Avenue just next to McDonalds is the Fields Avenue Plaza Complex. This is a large complex comprising several bars and restaurants and premier among those is Love and Music bar. Love and Music was originally conceived and designed by VR in conjunction with construction engineers and the attention to detail and careful planning are clearly evident everywhere you look in this bar. This bar is a class establishment and VR openly admits that he designed it to appeal to the more affluent customers such as those who stay in the ABC hotel. Love and Music is interesting in that it combines the best of two worlds.


Fields Plaza Complex Fields Ave Angeles City.

Tel (045) 625 4737

Operating hours: 5pm - 3am

Local Drinks70p
Ladies Drinks150p
Double Ladies Drinks250p
Early Work Release2500-3000p

Prices Updated On: 2015-03-22

On the one hand it is almost like a plush “dance club” where people go to dance and party the night away and on the other hand it is an up-market go-go bar.

To cater for the nightclub side they have a large dance floor and a customer interactive DJ who knows all of the latest music and when it has the right “young crowd” in, the atmosphere is electric. They also encourage the working girls to use the dance floor when not dancing on their shifts, as a result there is a healthy amount of customer interaction between the customers and the girls.
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The Rooms

In the other world this club is almost like an up-market girlie bar with girls who dance and entertain customers. They have a serious amount of girls working here (I was told almost 200 on the books) and even though the dance stage is tiered and set against a back wall there is a tremendous inter reaction between the girls and the customers.

Love and Music is built with the affluent customer in mind and yet there is something for just about everyone here. The service is excellent, the prices are realistic and when it is in full swing the club has a lively party ambience unrivalled by any other club/bar in Fields Avenue.

There is no merchandise currently available but they are planning to develop some in the very near future and this will include beer wraps, bar towels and T shirts with the clubs logo on them.

Since the club is situated in the same complex as Paradise restaurant they have easy access to any food that is served there and VR the owner of Love& Music assured us that he also has access to the ABC Hotel restaurant or for that matter a lot of other restaurants and he can arrange food delivered to the club from any of these, should the customer request it.

This is a large spacious club with a high ceiling and it can accommodate up to 100 customers. The girls dance on a narrow stage with their backs to a back lit wall. When the girls are dancing they are in a slightly elevated position and yet they are close to the customers and there is regular interaction between the customers and the girls.

This is a long club with the wet bar area at the far end. On the second level which can be accessed by stairwells at both ends of the bar they have another dance stage which can be enjoyed by regular dancers as well as customers and a series of comfortable lounges which afford dancers and customers a moment of comfortable privacy away from the main action downstairs.

The seating here is also rather unique in that it is comprised of comfortable lounges and ergonomically designed high back chairs in front of the stage. This seating is more reminiscent of a plush cocktail lounge than an Angeles go-go bar.

All the lounges around the back section have drapes which can be pulled across should customers desire a slightly more intimate experience. Note the gold drapes which can be pulled across giving a sense of privacy whilst the party rages on in the nearby vicinity.

There are a number of little touches that separate this club from others. For example they have adjustable high back chairs next to the stage rather than uncomfortable bar stools, the lounges are low and extremely comfortable so it is more like reclining in your living room than sitting in a go-go bar. The tables are elegant and made from thick tinted glass. Each table has a floral arrangement of plastic flowers and the drinks are served in elegant glasses with matching glass coasters, the lounges have comfortable cushions and each booth area features the Love & Music logo elegantly presented in a gold colored frame. The place is spotlessly clean and it is very obvious the owners have spared no money in creating a plush modern nightclub to be enjoyed by both the more discerning customer and the girls who work there.

Another important aspect which helps create the classy ambience is the clubs lighting. The lighting in here is in my opinion a step above the rest of the clubs in Angeles. On the dance stage there are a series of different colored sky lights which provide a background lighting effect to highlight the dancers. This is an interesting concept and in my opinion it provides an alternative to the hot glaring spotlights which seem to predominate in a lot of Angeles bars. The lighting in the main seating area of the bar is soft and subtle yet strong enough so you can easily see your bill. They also have the now common ping pong balls which customers can throw to the girls but typically these are elegantly presented in cane baskets rather than just tacky old plastic buckets or battered ice buckets.

Note the lounges that form a midsection seating area where customers can recline comfortably but still be in the midst of everything that is going on. Note also what few spotlights they have, are placed high on the roof giving off less heat and less brightness.

Here at Love & Music they try some interesting approaches when it comes to the girls. A number of the girls are dressed in normal dresses as opposed to bikinis. These girls are the white card girls and their EWR is 1500p. When we asked the General Manager how many girls were working in the club she explained there was approximately a total of 200 girls on the books and many of them were fresh new girls from the province who were a lot more comfortable wearing dresses than string bikinis. The girls wearing the string bikinis are the so called spotlight girls and their EWR is 3000p.

As I stated earlier in this report Love & Music is an interesting club because it combines two worlds that of a dance nightclub and that of an up-market girlie bar. An essential element that helps create the ambience of a nightclub is the dance floors which are situated in the primary position within the bar. A number of girls who do not work in this bar love to visit here because they can dance here and the talented DJ spins the latest tunes which gets things moving along nicely. The dance floor is also often utilized by the dancers who work here together with their customers and it encourages friendly interaction between the girls and the customers. For me when the dancers choose to spend their time dancing with the customers or with each other even though they are not technically on their shift this is a sign of a good club which has happy employees and a lively atmosphere.

This is a large club and upstairs they have 3 hotel rooms upstairs which in my opinion are some of the best rooms that can be found in Angeles. These rooms are interesting in that they represent the so called new Angeles and along with the rest of this club they are elegant, plush and classy with all the mod cons large king size beds, luxuriously appointed, mini-bar, flat screen TV and efficient air-conditioning . There are two types of rooms which are the regular room for $99 and the two special rooms for $139.

Love and music is certainly an interesting club and very much representative of the new Angeles. A lot of money has been spent developing this club and it is tastefully designed with an emphasis on a party atmosphere combined with plush opulence and classiness. As a market strategy they have targeted the more affluent customer base with a particular emphasis on those who stay at the ABC hotel but this is also combined with targeting the younger set which like to party and dance the night away. The two worlds seem to mix amicably in this club and when it is rocking this is one of the liveliest clubs in town with a customer base that rivals the very best nightclubs in Manila and yet at the same time welcomes the average customer off the street.

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