La Pasha

Address: Field Ave, Angeles City
Trading Hours: 7pm Till 4am
Review Written On: 09/07/07

Attention to detail is paramount and if you like attention to detail in a bar there is probably no place better than La Pasha. Yes I recognise the fact that Roadhouse, Roadies Carousel, Lancelot Champagne and Camelot are also fine examples of attention to detail but for me La Pasha tops the lot.

A bar like a man’s attraction to a woman is a matter of taste and if your taste runs towards attention to detail then La Pasha is a bar you will truly appreciate.

La Pasha named after a famous club with the same name on the island of Ibiza was built over the very run down, somewhat suffering Irish bar. The club was completed in 2005 and from day one has been extremely popular with many Angeles bar hoppers. When you think back and remember what the Irish Bar was like you realize what a truly professional job they did when building this bar.

The La Pasha professionalism starts right outside the front door. There is a big neon sign announcing the name of the bar and normally 3 or 4 attractively attired door girls trying to entice you inside.

Once inside the customer is struck by the cleanliness, functionality and the level of professionalism. The La Pasha dance floor is situated in the middle of the bar and it is normally filled with 20 to 30 nubile Filipinas dancing and gyrating the night away.

There are 2 groups of dancers and each group wears a different coloured bikini. La Pasha works on the numbering system and each girl keeps her own number until she leaves the bar. Whilst this leaves them open for the meat market criticism the simple fact is that the numbers are helpful for the customers when looking for a particular girl.

They are currently running 60 dancers on the weekdays and on the weekend 70 to 80. This gives the customers plenty of choice when looking for a companion for the night. Not surprisingly there are a few very tasty young ladies in La Pasha. One thing I really like here is that every fourth song the girls rotate their position on the stage which gives the discerning mongerer a birds eye view of who is available. This combined with the different bikinis for each group and the girls each having their own individual number makes finding a particular girl a lot easier than in other bars with a large number of girls.

Another little thing I like in La Pasha is the fact that the girls when finished dancing will often sit around the bar and talk with customers, especially in the little back section behind the managers table. This is a pleasant change from the girls just hiding out in the dressing room or leaving the bar to buy some food. The EWR price is 1,200 piso.

As I said in the opening paragraph La Pasha is a fine example of a bar where attention to detail goes a long way. For example the entire bar is spotlessly clean from the shiny tiled floor through to the clean table tops, clean arch shaped mirrors and a clean functional bar area. There are also many nice little touches in the bar for example they have a set of blue running lights around one of their metal poles at the end of the dance floor and all the lights work which in this country is something truly impressive. On the back of each chair is painted the La Pasha logo.

When you are served a drink it comes with an absorbent coaster and the beers all come with a La Pasha beer cooler ensuring that the slower drinkers can still enjoy a chilled beer.

Another nice little touch is the paper napkin holders which are always kept full of napkins and also provide a convenient advertising medium. I do not necessarily agree with their advertising claims eg; “the best bars in town” but I will admit that it is a nice little marketing tool and demonstrates the owner’s attention to detail yet again.

La Pasha is a very functional bar. For those wishing to indulge in a drink with the manager there are 3 big round glass tables at the back of the bar on the left hand side. These tables can comfortably seat 4 customers 3 girls and a load of drinks. There is also a comfortable lounge area where one can enjoy a more intimate moment with the girl of his choice. On the right hand side it is the same deal there are stools right up close to the bar for those who like to rub their nose in it then a couple of glass tables then a comfortable lounge area at the back. These seating arrangements are actually very clever because they appeal to the customers varying tastes. The drinkers will naturally gravitate to the managers area, the guys who like close contact with the girls will sit close to the stage, those who like to sit back a bit and just survey the scene before tabling a girl and getting to know her will choose the glass tables and the romantics will invariably drift towards the dimly lit couch areas. La Pasha is a fairly big bar approx 80 square meters and it seats approximately 65 to 70 people.

One refreshing thing about La Pasha is the service from the waitresses. In short they are attentive, efficient and polite. Most importantly they are always around your table to serve you yet they never push to hard when it comes to drinks. The waitresses are also fun and not at all camera shy.

Some of the waitresses are fairly decent looking as well and something tells me they are not shy.

As a mate of mine Dong Bastos once explained to me “there is nothing like a good waitress as she can serve you in more ways than one”.

And this waitress has definite oral skills in fact she is renowned for handling the bigger challenges.

Now I am not normally one to rave about bar waitresses but the waitresses in La Pasha combine professional service and fun loving attitudes which was for me very impressive.

The papasan here is daddy Jess, ex viper room ex part time manager Mistys. He is Danish and likes a drink or three. If you want to get him riled just ask him whereabouts from Sweden is he from. The head mamasan is mummy Rita and between them they are always there to help you find that special girl or in Jess’s case throw down a few drinks with you.

The music in La Pasha is actually a very important facet of this bar. They tend to play about 80% eighties rock and roll VIDEO/DVD’s and there is one big screen plus several smaller monitors so the customer can watch the music videos from just about anywhere in the bar. Many customers have noted how they really like this idea however for me it has several draw backs. Firstly the girls can’t really dance to this music which means the bars atmosphere gets a bit low at times. Secondly the DJ will often leave a video playing but the sound is from another song. Thirdly no matter how clean you keep the DVD’s they will eventually develop scratches and jumps which can be really annoying. Lastly the sound reproduction on a VIDEO/DVD is rarely as good as a plain audio CD or just a basic computer music program which most bars work from these days. Anyway that’s just a personal thing for me, the bar music and quality of reproduction for most guys comes a very inconsequential second to their first priority, that of the available girls.

The drink prices and EWR are basically in line with most of the major bars along Fields Avenue The EWR is 1200 and the drinks are 85 piso for local drinks and 150 to 175 piso for imported spirits. Shooters are 130 piso. The happy hour is from 7 to 8 and the drinks during happy hour are 60 piso for local drinks and 85 piso for imported. Ladies drinks are 150 piso. La Pasha has a large bar area and it is very well stocked which means the customer can get most drinks even some which are not so readily available in other bars.

At La Pasha you can also order food which is prepared by the restaurant at Carousel bar. They have a snack menu on the tables and if you don’t see anything that takes your fancy there, simply ask the waitress for a full menu.

The bar is open from 7 pm through to 4 am. La Pasha has a website but as in most cases with the Angeles bars it is out of date. However if you want more info on La Pasha simply go to

La Pasha is also an Asian Escapades friendly bar and customers who present their Asian Escapades membership cards can avail of a ten percent discount on their drinks bill. This also includes happy hour drinks.

Price List:

Local drinks during happy hour………….… 60 piso
Imported drinks during happy hour ………....85 piso
Local drinks after happy hour…………..….. 95 piso
Imported drinks after happy hour…. 150 to 175 piso.
Bell ring price ……………………………5000 piso
Ladies drinks ………………………………150 piso
EWR price…………………………….…. 1200 piso

For all the mongerers out there I thoroughly recommend that you put La Pasha on your must visit list, you won’t be disappointed.

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