Honey Kos
Address: Perimeter Road, Angeles City
Review Written On: 16/05/07

Honey Kos is situated next door to the Hangout and amongst the AC locals is probably one of the most patronized bar in Angeles. It was originally started as Honey Kos seven years ago in February 4 2000. Prior to that it was called Thriller 2000 (started by Michael Jackson the original owner of the two Thriller Bars in Ermita M.H.Del Pilar Manila). Des and Trevor took over in the year 2000 and the bar has been going from strength to strength ever since.

After 2 years or so Trevor sold 50% to Damien who together with Des is the current owner. Honey Kos is a very popular bar amongst the AC locals and on any given day you will find a true cross section of Angeles society inside.

The girls in Honey Kos enjoy an enviable reputation as fun girls and solid performers and this is very much appreciated by the local clientele and perhaps explains why this little bar is so popular. As an example of that popularity the day we got there Des the owner apologized to us because he didn't have that many girls to show us and when we asked him why he told us 10 of his best dancers had been taken out for a private pool party. Currently Honey Kos is running 30 dancers and according to the rumor mill 90% of the girls are orally skilled and all have beautiful personalities which makes them very pleasant company for us mongerers.

The main bar area can seat about 40 people and it is composed of stools right up close to the bar a row of stools slightly back from the bar and comfortable lounges in the back area.

The bar itself boasts an extensive range of local and imported spirits and of course cold SMB and SML. The prices are in line with most of the Perimeter Bars, local spirits being 50 peso and imported 100 to 120 peso. Most of the more commonly requested imported spirits can be purchased here.

One clever thing they do here is discounted bell rings. For example the customers can ring the bell for all the girls and staff which will cost 3900 peso or he can ring the bell for the dancers on stage only which normally will run to a maximum of 1000 peso. Bell rings are a fairly common occurrence in HoneyKos and the owners have been known to positively encourage the girls to go topless when the bell is rung.

In the middle of honeykos there is an archway leading through to a separate room which boasts another lounge area and a pool table. This is a very popular area especially when the pool comp is underway. The back lounge area is a comfortable quiet semi secluded area which is perfect for snuggling up to ones chosen honeyko. Pun intended.

The girls from HoneyKos deservedly have a very good reputation. When you are in the bar you will notice a very soft sell approach towards the customers and the girls are strictly forbidden to push for ladies drinks. This and the realistic price of 90 peso tends to generate a large amount of ladies drinks.

Testament to Honeykos popularity amongst the locals is the fact that often you will find many of the bigger bar owners and managers drinking here joining Damien in a cheers or three.

If you haven't been to Honey Kos it is certainly worth the visit. It is in many ways the classic Perimeter Road bar with a nice mix of cheap drinks horny girls great music a friendly local crowd and of course the ever present mongerers.

At the current point in time there are no established discounts for Asian Escapades members.

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