Hang Out Plus

Address: Perimeter Road
Review Written On: 16/05/07

Here is a little bar that has been in operation for 20 something years. Yes it has changed locations a number of times but no matter the location the owners have remained true to the basic concept of a place for the boys to hang out in, drink cheap piss, swap stories and play with cute Filipina waitresses. This bar is designed for the Angeles locals but tourists are of course always welcome. It is always worth a visit because you never know who you will find drinking here The Hang Out is quite literally a melting pot for people from all corners of the world.

The Hang Out deals mainly in local spirits and beer however the more regular imported spirits such as Jim Beam Jack Daniels and Absolute Vodka can more often than not be produced upon request. The hang out also supplies delicious food, they have a full pizza menu from Pedro’s Aussie beef pies jaffels and some tasty curries. There is also a little snack store 10 yards from the Hang Out which supplies basic fast food.

The drink prices here are a refreshing change from the so called up market bars. For example a rum and coke is 50 peso as is an SMB or SML. Shooters range in price from 100 to 120 peso depending on the mix and a ladies drink is 90 peso.

The Hang Out in all its different locations and guises was originally owned by Dave White a New Zealander and long time Angeles resident. Dave recently went home after a 19 year overstay and the bar is now owned by John and Ken. Both John and Ken are personable hosts and will regale you with Angeles survival stories upon request The hangout is the perfect chill venue where you can hang with your friends escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger bars and enjoy a cold SMB/ SML while you watch the world go by.

When you enter here and order you will be asked your name and then when your bill comes it comes in a plastic cup with your name attached, in our view this was a nice personal touch.

Most of the action here is generated outside underneath the tarpaulin however the new owners are currently changing the inside area into a girlie bar. The bar is called the Cock Out Inn and according to the boys will feature 20 horny Filipinas all of whom are not backwards in coming forwards and of course all will be orally skilled. I guess in this case the name says it all.

In terms of the girls the Hang Out varies in numbers, on any given day there can be 20 girls working there or 5. However we are in the Philippines and sure enough there will always be a cutie around somewhere and the Hangout is no exception.

Going up fields avenue heading towards friendship the hangout is approximately 800 yards past the Petron Station on the left hand side. Just look for the Thi High sign and the big red Hang Out Plus sign. On the weekends the Hangout is easily recognizable because it is the adopted home base of the Mad Dogs and you will see some magnificent motorbikes parked outside.

If you are visiting Angeles and desire to see where the locals drink we thoroughly recommend the hangout. There is always someone interesting there with some great stories to tell and the prices are extremely reasonable The Hangout represents how Angeles was before the advent of the big commercial girlie bars and as such has numerous dedicated die hard customers. Be warned you may find it a bit hot sitting outside but this is easily fixed by parking yourself under one of the overhead fans or by a visit inside to the Cock Out Inn which is pleasantly air-conditioned.

At the time of writing this article the Hang Out Plus does not offer an Asian Escapades discount.

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