Bed Rock
Address: 156 Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City
Opening Hours: 6:00 pm - 3:00 am
Review Written On: 11/11/07


Bedrock is the smallest and the newest bar in the Blue Nile group. Originally it was started as Bed Rock in 2001 under the careful guidance of an Australian owner named Tom. Bedrock was started around a Flintstones theme complete with the mamasan being called Wilma but over the years this theme has dissolved but there are still a few remnants in the form of various Flintstone caricatures painted on the mirrors.

Situated literally 6 feet from Neros Bed Rock was a separate bar and not part of the Blue Nile Group. In 2005 negotiations were completed and the Blue Nile group bought out Bedrock. Tom stayed on for a while in a consultancy capacity but soon headed back to Australia with wife and kids.

Once under the Blue Nile group umbrella Bedrock underwent a physical change and an atmospheric change. A new energy was bought to the bar in the form of people partying and there was a whole new lineup of gorgeous girls. In fact I would say pound for pound in 2005 Bedrock had one of the best lineups in Angeles.

In 2006 a hole was knocked into the wall between Neros and Bedrock and a same sized hole between Neros and Blue Nile. This in effect created one big bar or as many people refer to it “pussy mart”.

This was a risky proposition in that Bedrock may have lost its identity and be swallowed up by the bigger bars however I am pleased to report that even though it has direct access to Neros it is still very much a separate little bar with its own loyal clientele and partiers.

The bar

Bedrock is a long but narrow bar but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in atmosphere and fun times. Over the years it has always had good girls working there and because it is smaller it tends to allow greater contact with the girls and it is easier to generate a party atmosphere inside.

One of the beautiful things about Bedrock is that from 80% of the bar you are no more than 6 feet away from the girls. This allows you contact with the girls whether you like it or not. It has a small narrow stage running against the wall adjacent to Neros and on the opposite wall there is a comfortable lounge area with small tables.

The lounge area takes up about 50% of the bars operational length and is followed by two small tables where the customers can sit and party with the manager. Believe me when I say a lot of alcohol gets consumed around this very small table.

As you enter the bar on the left hand side there is a round table tucked away in the corner. This is a more intimate area where a group of customers can play a little more discreetly. There is also seating in the form of stools running parallel to the dance stage. Many customers choose to sit here as it allows much closer contact with the girls and in this bar the girls are traditionally not shy so close physical contact is common place.

Over the years Bedrock has seen a number of managers and the current manager is Florian a young German guy who is quite partial to a drink or three. Florian runs a tight show and at the same time still encourages the girls to have fun and play with the customers.

As stated previously the girls here are not shy and it is common place to find them performing impromptu shows which can include anything from pussy shots to pussy licking and cream laden body shots. There are a number of wild girls in Bedrock and some serious fun can be had here for a very reasonable price.

The lighting on the stage is comparatively bright so customers can clearly see the girls. Bedrock has an extensive music library and the speakers are directed towards the stage so the majority of volume is away from the customers allowing you to talk clearly without having to shout.

There is a large range of alcoholic beverages here and the manager has been known to enjoy the occasional round of shooters. The bar staff are fairly well trained and can make up just about anything should the ingredients be available.

Bedrock has close access to the bigger Blue Nile Group bars yet it maintains its individuality and offers the classic advantages of smaller AC bars. This bar features a nice mix of sweet innocent girls together with hard core working girls who know no limits when it comes to entertaining the customers. Bedrock has several loyal customers who consider this their favorite bar and in my opinion it is certainly a must visit for any serious monger.

The bedrock prices are as follows
Local Drink 85 piso
Imported drink 150 – 175 piso depending on the mix
Happy hour No happy hour
Ladies Drink 150 -175 Depending on the mix
EWR 1350 piso
Bell Ring 3000 Drink for all the dancers and staff
Hotter Horn 4000 Body shot for all the dancers

Basic Facts
35 Dancers currently and they have more applying everyday
12 Waitresses
5 Cherry girls

Snacks and a full food menu are available from the Blue Nile Executive Hotel and Molly Malones.
The bar comfortably seats a maximum of 35 customers.
For 70 thousand piso it is possible to close the bar for 1 night.
This bar has a number of parties a year including Christmas, Halloween, Octoberfest, The Managers Birthday and an Anniversary Party.

The Blue Nile Group does not officially recognize AE discount cards in the bars but will do so in the hotel however the manager Florian, is AE friendly and will offer a discount on pulling the hooter horn and also on Bell Rings. Plus you can expect a few rounds to come flowing your way when partying in here.


There are some truly stunning girls in here. This is little Daisy who ,lost her Cherry two months ago and is now on the program

And who could forget the milkshake

The beautiful Sandy

The stage is small but packed with some really fun girls and the customers can sit within very close proximity to the girls.

This allows close interaction between the girls and the customers. Along the back wall is a comfortable lounge area where one can play with the girl of ones choice.

Well stocked bar

If smaller bars are your thing then I thoroughly recommend Bedrock. This is a classic smaller bars with great girls and a raging party atmosphere.

The Pacific Breeze does not currently offer an Asian Escapades discount.

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