No doubt about it, the Angeles bar scene is evolving and changing which makes it all that more pleasant to find a bar reminiscent of days gone by. For me Alaska is just such a bar.

In Alaska they have made a few concessions to modern day influences and these take place in the pricing and the special dance shows but apart from those two factors Alaska reminds me of the bars from days gone by, and it has only been open 7 years.

There are a number of factors which lead me to say this. First and foremost the bar is very much personality run with Daddy Jerry being at the helm and he is always ready with a cheerful hello or a rousing cheer as you enter the bar.



This bar is no longer operating.

Secondly the girls attitude is very much old school in that they all know why they are there and why the customers are there. In a bar scene where, "I have menstruation" or "bar hopping only" it is a pleasant change to discover a bar such as Alaska.

There are numerous other factors why this bar reminds me of the bars in days gone by and some of these are as follows, the bar is a medium size with a center stage with all the girls wearing bikinis and dancing in two groups. The main seating area is bar stools right beside the main stage and these are then complimented by a
Long bar shot

Dance group perfoming

Jerry and the girls

Some of the girls

series of couches that run along the walls on both sides of the club. The lighting in it's simplicity also reminds me of the old bars. The lighting here features old style spotlights which highlight just the right amount of flesh yet are not blinding or hot. In the back there is a special what I call touchy feely area where one can be surrounded by ladies and just enjoy a playful session in relative privacy.

Even though there is a show group this group is composed of regular dancers and they have exactly the same price as any other girl in the club. The shows are somewhat impromptu and they move between regular dancers and the girls putting on a show, with fluid ease. The shows also help to create an energetic atmosphere in the club and are very much enjoyed by the Alaska regulars.

Talking about regulars, this is another think I like about Alaska. Because of it's location and it's non commercial atmosphere Alaska tends to attract regular customers who are always ready to swap a tale or two and will offer tidbits of their valuable experience upon request.

Alaska also has an outside bar where patrons can drink for cheaper prices and watch the happenings on Fields. This is a good area and you can often find people from all walks of life enjoying a drink or three here.

Another thing I like about Alaska is the friendly atmosphere. The atmosphere is mainly created by the girls and their friendly approach to the customers however this is also complimented by Daddy Jerry who always likes to play old time rock and roll music and is quick to send a drink or two your way.

Daddy Jerry is somewhat famous for his insistence on 50's 60's and 70's rock and roll and it is a rare moment when you hear a rap song inside Alaska. This is very much the opposite to the general trend in the mainstream bars and is very much appreciated by this aging reviewer.

There are a number of other little things that I appreciate about Alaska. For example the cherry girls wear red bikinis so they can be easily identified and the prices for things like the Ping Pong balls and bell rings are very reasonable. Talking about bell rings this is one of the few bars that actually writes down your name and your desired message for others to see.

Another attribute which I sincerely appreciate is the fact that they have resisted the tide of double ladies drinks. In Alaska they do not have any double ladies drinks.

Alaska is one of those bars where the lineup is not absolutely stunning but it sure isn't bad either and over the years Alaska has produced some of the more famous Angeles working girls.

Alaska is one of those bars which in my opinion the customer should always check out because you are never sure what you will find there.

When we were there doing this review I found two or three girls that had I been able to I would have bar-fined in a heartbeat.

Alaska has an overall theme, which is that of the country Alaska, and that is because Daddy Jerry originally comes from Alaska and has fond memories of that country and his time spent there.

Alaska bar has regular competitions such as stump the chump where customers can win prizes and generally have a great time. These are complimented by special promo which make Alaska a great bar to visit. When you visit Alaska if it is your first time in the bar or it is your cherry trip make sure you introduce yourself to Daddy Jerry and ask him about the moose horn.

Alaska is a great bar and I have no hesitation in recommending it to AE members. There is nearly always some good looking girls in there and remember to introduce yourself to Daddy Jerry. He is an affable host and will gladly tell you any information he knows about the Alaska girls.

Best of all the they offer all Asian Escapades members a 10% discount.

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